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Sondors eBike - LCD Display - Setup Instructions


Please note this information applies to the SONDORS/Aftermarket KT-LCD3 Displays. Delivered before Dec. 2017! 

New LCD Display: https://sondorsforum.com/topic/2051-2018-sondors-ebike-kd51c-lcd-setup-manual/



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Interesting.  When my 350w motor and 20a Luna controller max out using my 36v bottle battery, it is just a simple peak, steady speed.  I still have them on Frankenbike, an entire bike I made with all my upgraded Sondors parts, so its a stock Sondors except for the frame and that 20a controller (and a few bits like carbon fiber seatpost and handlebars).


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I think I'm going to test the Thin's top speed and my speed limit settings to see if it pulses or is steady. Stock motor and controller, LT48 battery added.

I'd run the fatty through the same test since it has the bigger battery and controller but its not rideable yet. Would love to see if the pulsing is just stock everything, but Ive not peaked the speed or throttled long ways on the Thin yet and haven't rewired the stock battery connector back yet, one of my projects this weekend if I can get to it.

As a curious person, I want to test all combos to figure out what component is doing what or limiting what. I wish the LCD provided better info (more customizable screens maybe). 

The LCD has lots of great info, but I think some of it is less useful and should be on another screen. And I think that the battery indicator could be a little more accurate. But I'd also like to see some of the functions like trip reset made MUCH easier. I stopped doing this because it just was so difficult for me to get it to work right.

Id also like to see control of the "push the bike" speed, I thought I saw somewhere you can change that. No one pushes their bike at the speed the stock motor/controller/LCD go... I think it should be designed where you turn it on on the LCD and start to push and it is like PAS, it just senses your walking speed and the bike moves at your pace. Would really be helpful vs throttle.

I think I need to dig into the LCD/controller config info again. PLus some of the adjustments Ive seen here Id like to try..

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Hello, fellow Sondorians. Forgive my ignorance, but I just don't understand all that info in the LCD manual. I have an Original Custom with the old LCD. I can't discern any difference between the different assist levels as set on the LCD, plus there is no throttle response when pedaling, but the bike works on throttle only. I'd like to change the throttle to PAS mode, and if possible reset the ratios for power assist levels on the LCD?  P=? C=? I don't get it. Any guidance would be appreciated. 

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If your not experiencing pedal assist, make sure the magnet wheel, on the Bottom Bracket Spindle, is aligned close to the sensor  pickup and square through out its rotation.




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That sounds like a controller problem. Try turning off the battery and unplug all Higo connectors and repluging them, and repowering the system, to reboot the controller. 



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Recently  I bought sierraebike 25a controller  with LCD  for my sondors x 7. Everything works fine, acceleration is great but I have one problem - after I start riding my LCD almost immediately shows that I've reached top speed (79,9 km/h). I tried to change wheel size but it didn't help. Any ideas what should I do next?


Ok, it turned out that despite being sold  for sondors with triangle batteries the LCD wasn't properly configured- I had to change c1 parameter 

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I have asked this question elsewhere and thought I would try again because I get conflicting answers. I purchased a Sondors X fat tire bike, 7 speed, 48v in June, 2017. A couple of months ago I replaced the controller with a new one because my grandson burnt the old one. However, when I installed the controller the original LCD screen would not totally work with the new controller. When I asked Sondors about it, they said I needed to buy a new LCD screen. Tried, but they are sold out of them, but the second person I talked to said that I could reprogram the old LCD screen to work with the new controller. Is this true? Also, of annoyance, If one buys a new LCD Screen, I was told it comes with a new controller, So I asked why don't they include a new LCD Screen with a new controller? Doesn't make any sense to me. 



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    • By 3D-vice
      * The best way to use this video is to watch and write down the desired options, then exit and program your LCD. if you try and program while watching the video your LCD will timebout and none of the settings will be saved and you’ll have to keep starting over because of the length of Kyles explanations .
      Aftermarket LCD Display user manual (also applying for Sondors eBike LCD)
      KT3-LCD_short_en.pdf (english language 2-page manual)
      KT3-LCD_full_en.pdf (english version full manual, 2013)
      KT3-LCD_full_de.pdf (german version full manual)
      Programming the KT-LCD3 and KT-LCD8H Everything you need to know
      EDIT:  This manual is the current version for the KT-LCD3.  It includes different behavior in some of the settings and lists C13 (regenerative braking... not applicable to Sondors) and C14 - PAS assist strength tuning (applicable to Sondors)
      KT-LCD3_2015.pdf (English, v3.0, 2015)
    • By mossmatt
      DIY: S-LCD3 Meter for Sondors eBike
      This walkthrough is for those who purchased the non Sondors S-LCD3 with the white flat 5-pin connector. If you are not comfortible with soldering, then you may want to wait for the retail Sondors LCD in xmas 2015.
      Walkthrough by Matt Moss
      Downloadable at uberbills.com/DIY-SLCD3-Soldering.docx
      S-LCD3 purchased from BMSBattery.com

      Wire Strippers
      Soldering iron
      60/40 Solder

      Step 1: Attach LCD3 to handlebars

      Step 2: Snip off the useless white flat 5-pin connector.

      Step 3: Pull meter cable through top hole in sondors battery box. (no picture)

      Step 4: Snip off the round 5-pin female plug and strip all the wiring down a half inch.

      Step 5: Proceed to tin the stranded wire ends. tinning means to apply hot motlen solder to the stranded wire, which helps to solder two separate wires together.

      Step 6: Admire your soldering job and apply insulation. I used cheap electrical tape, but you should spend a few cents and get some shrink tube.

      Step 7: Double check that no exposed wire is showing, and test our your new lcd meter. Hold the center power button to turn on. To keep the backlight on for easy viewing, press and hold the up arrow. If you hold and press the down arrow, your bike will lurch forward at a walking speed, so be careful!

      Q: I press and hold the up arrow like you said and my bike wants to go for a ride. What gives?
      A: You installed your LCD button upsidedown. Reverse it and you should be fine.
      Q: Halp! Why is my LCD screen upside down?
      A: You installed your LCD screen upside down. /reverse it and you should be fine.
      Q: After installing the LCD, I am unable to engage the throttle and the bike does not move, yet everything is on. What Gives?
      A: Check that the LCD screen is actually on, you must have the LCD turned on in order for you to power your bike and use the motor.

      If you have any questions, feel free to PM me (private eMails or information not permitted in open forum PM me).. Please include in the subject “Sondors Storm Owners Group”
      If this walkthrough helped you in any way, please consider donating! Have a nice day!
      paypal: private eMails or information not permitted in open forum PM me.
      btc: 1KFfPjPhngm1ZezWu1YUReNGXFpbfgxtoz
    • By SportFoldBoy420
      My lcd has just died on my Fold sport from water damage I'm quite sure so this is my perfect opportunity to upgrade I have been looking at the 750w bafang rear hub motor and they say it will lace in 350w motor no problem but I have the 250w bafang rear hub motor. Will it fit? But first I want too upgrade the sondors lcd to the ktc3 25 amp and 25 amp controller and will wait till sondors have the 48v 14 amp available in Europe  until i upgrade the motor as the 38v 8.8amp battery won't be powerful enough. Any suggestions or problems with my plan I would appreciate feed back
    • By Lane
      Hello everyone, I currently have an Original Sondors Fat Tire bike from 2016 (I believe).  I purchased it from a friend who had performed some upgrades to it.
      As the bike sits today:
      Luna Storm 48v 20ah Battery Controller Model KT36/48ZWSRMD-SLSLD02 Rated for DC 36v or 48v, Rated current 12A Maximum current 25+-1A (Assuming this is from Luna as well) Original Motor Bafang RMG06 36v 350W(10) 26-1-1508195560-6 LCD Luna LCD Dashboard for Sondors KT-LCD3 Took the bike out for a ride the other day after it had been sitting in the garage for about a month and received a motor hall connection error on my LCD screen. Tried the usual unplugging the connection under the chainstay and making sure I had charged the battery. I'm wondering if I am able to replace the cable coming out of my motor (if that is the culprit) or if I need to replace the motor altogether. If that is the case, would anyone recommend I upgrade to a 48v motor? Would it make a difference/ work with my existing upgrades? I'm new to the forum and Ebike scene in general so I appreciate any help. Thanks!
    • By Albert Werth
      SONDORS X arrived on January 7, 2019. 
      Living in Southwest Florida has made it easy for me to ride every other day.  I am recovering from a bone on bone knee with a  damaged  medial collateral ligament. 
      After a full year of daily PEMF treatments and two Prolotherapy injections, my Prolotherapy  doctor recommended that I start exercising using a bicycle to stimulate the natural lubricant within my recovering knee joint. I started exercising with a standard road bike, but  was not able to “Spin” with minimal effort as instructed.  I own a 2010 electric recumbent trike, but is it is next to impossible to get in and out of a bike several inches off the ground.   I recall seeing the SONDORS advertised several years ago and decided on the SONDORS “X”.  I use the thumb switch to move the Fat Tire “X” up to 16+ miles per hour, then put the bike into 7th  gear and move the pedal assist to  Number 3, this allows me to Spin at the optimal level, without causing stress on my knees.  I started with five minutes the first week and I have added five minutes per week, I am now at 20 minutes, and this technique has allowed me to build muscle riding it every other day. I have been able to move the pedal assist down to number 2, my goal is to ride on  Fort  Myers Beach after I have built enough muscle in my legs. My target for the beach is early March!
      My SONDORS X is a very well-built fat tire bike and has been the perfect platform for my recovery!  I don’t see myself going back to my electric trike or the road bike, the sign on my front lawn, “BIKES FOR SALE”
      Thank you SONDORS!
      P.S., Super easy to accessorize 

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