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Pedals and shoes for Step (and others)

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On my analog bike, I use mini toe clips to keep the ball of my food centered over the pedals. My Step has folding pedals which are terrific when loading the bike in my car, but there's no way that I know of to add these clips due to the construction of the pedals. Anyone have an idea how I could do this?

I've been cycling with ordinary running shoes but the flexible soles which make them great for walking and running are not optimal for cycling, where a (more) rigid sole would transfer more energy to the pedals.  What are folks here wearing?  FWIW-- I'm riding paved roads, sometimes steep, and an occasional flat dirt/gravel path. I don't want shoes with cleats, which I couldn't use with my folding pedals anyway.

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imageproxy.php?img=&key=eb7bfcec23a28e49imageproxy.php?img=&key=eb7bfcec23a28e49imageproxy.php?img=&key=eb7bfcec23a28e49imageproxy.php?img=&key=eb7bfcec23a28e49What Do You Brew?

On my Non Powered Litespeed’s, I’ve always use the 25Th anniversary Clipless Dura Ace PD -7700, Pedals that came came with the groups and Sidi road shoes, and I keep my Classic Bicycles Stock, when possible.  

On my Pristine Cannondale 87’  SR 800 Criterium , that I rode over 30,000 miles, I rode the pedals that came with the Ultegra 600 Groupo. They had unusual cleat capture hardware and toe clips and various road shoes thru  the years.


Butt,  On my Sondors, I tried Clipless and Toe Clips, even on some folding pedals that I used on my Original Fat, so the Pedals didn’t dig into the trunk on my Jetta when mounted on the twin ebike rack I built, that was so narrow, that with two fat bikes it was crowded. 
I like the Orignal platform pedals that came on both my Sondors because the Ralph Lauren Polo Duck Boots I bought in about 2006 have semi-lugged soles that stick in the spaces of the pedals. Not quite capable of turning perfect circles but they are pretty secure without the problem,  clip-less release grip, to get out of. since I have to unseat myself at almost every stop, to touch ground, unless it’s next to a curb to rest that side’s foot. These original Ralph Lauren Duck Drovers, are made with Tough, Heavy Leather, incredible durability and I’ve taken a few spills at speed and they’ve protected my feet with out serious damage to the boots. The online copied image below is not representative of my older boots and  lesser quality than my originals but nicer than the cheaper ones in the bottom image.  
69DFBC29-113E-4B42-93B3-D1C05EE92210.thumb.jpeg.66d041910478facaef20e71a6ba82ed8.jpegLast year I found a deal, on what I thought was the same boots online,  but they are "US Polo" Drover Boots and although not a bad reproduction, for a lot less money, the leather is a lot thinner, a less quality boot. These boots are a lot lighter weight. I prize the older ones because spinning all that heavier weight is a better workout. 




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