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I live in the North East part of the USA. Riding a bike for many years.

Started with an eBike about six years ago. Twenty four volt. Upgraded to 36 volt Front wheel mod.

I usually do about 1,300 miles a year.

Just traded in for a Sonders Plus step through with 48 volt. It was getting tough stretching right leg over a 27.5 inch bike.

Still kind of cold. Local bike shop. Love how the bike can fold in half for transporting. Yes, I should use Metrics.

I will turn 79 in April.

Also have an e Heart. Pacemaker. I died for about sixteen seconds before it was put in. Chest pains from CPR was hardest part. Doing fine.

I ride a lot of rail trails and streets.



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Richie, glad to have you aboard.  It’s no secret that bike riding can make or keep us healthier.  I applauded your efforts and I’m following suite. A lot of new owners have adopted riding Sondors for health reasons after not riding since they were kids. 
Enjoy your stay and don’t forget to add pictures to our Gallery Section and conical all your adventures. 


17,000 Sondors Miles 


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Still trying to figure out this forum. I will have to figure out how to post a photo from iPhone. Thanks for reply.

I am a US Navy Vet so I bike about fourteen miles to the VA clinic for appointments in good weather.

Rail trail all the way. Very steep hill up to the center from the trail. S

ince 2006 I have done it eight times with a straight bike.



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