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Albert Werth

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I have a major problem with the email ad that was just sent. The SONDORS X is 
not geared for Hills. As you know I am a big supporter of SONDORS  electric bikes
I have three, but if you ship them to destinations like Alaska, you’re going to get major complaints. I would recommend that you come
up with a cassette and a Chainring that will climb hills in cold weather!
I will restate that I am a huge supporter of SONDORS, but because I have
experienced it firsthand, Cold weather and Hill’s don’t speak well for your
Existing bikes. SONDORS should also offer studded tires, or tires that are 
set up to take studs. Just my opinion
Thank you, 

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I have updated my SONDORS X in order to ride the foothills east of Anchorage, AK

In order to ride in this area I changed out the Stock 14-28 Cassette for a 14-32, easy swap. I also changed out the 50T Chainring for a direct replacement 32T Chainring.  I had already changed out the Knobby tiers for off the shelf Knobby tires with Studs, these are a must have when riding on snow and ice. I also added Bike POAGIES, made in AK, similar to the ones shown in the SONDORS ad.

After all the modifications were finished I took my 5th ride yesterday, February 21st.

First a comments:

The SONDORS X, basic bike without front suspension, with Studded Tires, at 8-10 psi, is a very stable ride here in AK winter conditions.

Yesterday, February 21st, the gravel roads and trails had 3-6 inches of fresh snow, with ice and crusty ruts as a base. The SONDORS X held a very straight line going up or down hill on the gravel roads, even in these conditions, I was able to reach 23.+ mph, downhill, and it felt like I was in control. Thank God for Disk Brakes!

It would not be possible to ride in the above conditions or the conditions shown in the SONDORS Glacier Riding Marketing piece, without making the Drivetrain and Tire modifications.

I just can't get over how Stable the SONDORS X was in these conditions!




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I just had to post several photos from the Hillside area above Anchorage, AK


Just before noon today, in the Hillside area, east of Anchorage, with the SONDORS X,  mountains capped with clouds today


I am visiting my Son Daniel and his wife Claire here in AK, it's their place up in Hillside, the Modified SONDORS X is now Dan's


and the guy in the Sandals is heading back to SWF, namely Fort Myers, FL - Good look at the modifications - Studded Tires, 32T Chain Ring, 14-32 Cassette and Bike POAGIES - made in AK

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Hey, how’s your setup working after this time? I just got a X, and just put 209 miles in a week and half. Love it.

i am in a recovery mode still, and have about 400 miles total from a long break from biking( 1996 - 2020). I do have 20 years of riding roads and mild trails! Long distance, 2 -3 days rides. Blah blah blah..

im wondering how easy was finding cassette’s and chain rings that are just a “part change”.

The bike shops here ( Chico, Cal. ) seem less than helpful when I ride up and park the big Red X in front, I’m not sensitive, but I am paying attention...

when I was a biker, I was also motorcyclist, (ARRA # 167, the club is gone, the track: Willow Springs international raceway rosamound, Cal. is still going strong) And I had super good job breaking stuff for air force and space commutations satellites at Huge AirCrash ( Hugh’s Aircraft, flight hardware and space and commutations div. high temperature structures test laboratory) so I bought expensive stuff, fixed what I could, made what I could, bought new better when I couldn’t. Don’t remember anything about bikes, milling machines and engine lathes, and remember things Teflon coefficients ,PEM fasteners load cycle to EOL, Wheatstone bridge calculations....things I can positively say “why” when I don’t use any of that any more.

you have a good story about your X, so I rambled on...thanks.

im going to find my login creds for this forum.

weird, I guess I didn’t do the second click when signed up here after I ordered my red X


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Pic and log in

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