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Albert Werth

MXS Bottom Bracket Noise On The Power Stroke

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MXS Started Making noise during today’s Ride.
Post 300 Miles my MXS Bottom Bracket started making a Creaking and Snapping Noise on the Power Stroke. Noise from right side started first, then a few minutes later the Left side became equally as loud. The noise does not occur when Spinning, but only under load, regardless of 1-5 Assist or Zero Assistant settings. 
Any ideas?

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The other thing I would check are the crank arm bolts. I had a similar crank noise on the power stroke from the right side. When tightenIng the bolts I heard a click on the right side, and after that, no more noise. Good luck

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Grant with SONDORS TECH Support rectified the situation. SONDORS is sending me a new Bottom Bracket for my MXS and will reimburse the charges for a professional bike mechanic for the installation. 
Outstanding service, thank you SONDORS!

Ordering a new SONDORS X today, for delivery to Anchorage, AK

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SONDORS came through 100%, new MXS Bottom Bracket installed, SONDORS paid for the part and the installation at my local bike shop.

Here is my update: Five 18-mile rides after installation of the new Bottom Bracket on my MXS, super quiet!

Thank you SONDORS for the excellent service! 

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      With a little more than 700 miles on my MXS I have found the battery life to be exceptional. If you go back to some of my original posts, you will see that I have been using the SONDORS electric bikes to rehabilitate a bone on bone knee.  my last ride is a great example of the range that I am experiencing with the MXS.
      This ride was just over 22 miles and 1 hr 12 minutes, Yes Florida is flat.
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      As you can see this was an excellent cardio workout, but the most amazing part of this ride was the battery life. You can see the indicator on the face of the SONDORS readout,  still shows full power. The MXS has been an excellent bike and I highly recommend it. Thank you, SONDORS!
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      My Sondors Thin recently started making a horrible grinding sound while I'm pedaling. My guess was that the chain was rubbing against the chain guard but a local bike shop guy convinced me that the chain needed to be replaced. After paying him to do that the noise persisted. Now he's guessing that the bottom bracket needs replacement. I don't see that part on the Sondors site.
      Ideas or suggestions welcomed! If none, please direct me to that part or to a Sondor's users recommended bike shop near me (90034). Thanks!
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      Width of bottom bracket?
      Does anyone know the width of the bottom bracket on the original Sondors Fat ebike?  I would like to buy the Bafang BBSHD mid drive kit with the 120mm bottom bracket, but want to make sure it will fit my bike.
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      Hubby and I have been enjoying our bikes for 3 years now... right up until he busted the bottom bracket on his 2 weeks ago. Snapped it clean in two! Bike shop is having zero luck sourcing a replacement. Any suggestions for a replacement part? So far Sondors has been a bust.

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