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Albert Werth

After 300 + Miles of Working Out on the MXS

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After 311 mi/500 km of Workouts on my MXS, still a great ride!

The SONDORS MXS is more agile than my SONDORS X, but the SONDORS X, with it's larger tires acting like huge flywheels and 14 additional pounds, is much easer to keep at speeds above 19 mph at zero assist. Of course it's Flat SW Florida.

I moved the KINEKT seat suspension, Ritchey adjustable bike Stem, added the Selle SMP TRK saddle, and added the FOOKER MTB pedals etc. I use the wahoo ELEMNT and related monitors to track Cadence and Heart Rate in real time.

The 750 watt motor has become a little less quiet, but still super smooth. The MXS color monitor provides all the power I need to run my iPhone 11 Pro Max, ELEMENT, etc. The ROCKBROS case is a must have.


      739889853_MXSWorkout-01_01.20-3.thumb.jpg.0a696ebdca051e4a4b41d22ad67b0514.jpg     1974670423_MXSWorkout-01_01.20-1.thumb.jpg.56fac5e5e492855051c486cad575fc3c.jpg    1014387460_MXSWorkout-01_01.20-2.thumb.jpg.9a925098779d1d224162b48bb41e6e36.jpg

I call my ride the "NOSE", I ride this rout three times per week and take the weekends off to recover. 

I typically ride in assist # 1, until I reach 20 mph, then I move to assist # 0, until I have to down shift to hold my speed and cadence, usually about 18 mph. This helps keep me in Cardio after the first couple of miles warming up.

As you can see there are several turns, turnarounds, and stops on this rout. I downshift at these points and then upshift to get back into the ride. The area of max seed is a sprint past the TSA building, you can see the small percentage of Peak in the Heart Rate.

FYI, after a bone-on-bone diagnosis in 2017, my right knee has totally rebuilt all cartilage, using PEMF, Prolotherapy, and SONDORS eBikes, what a winning combination.

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