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Shaun G

Sondors Step Lower

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My wife wants to get into the ebike, so I purchased her a Sondors Step. The issue is she cant hardly reach the ground. Is there anyway on a lower seat or maybe smaller tires?  I cant see any other ways to lower it closer to the ground, or what the cost would be to swap out for smaller tires if even possible?

Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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Well, I’m 6’ and I can’t reach the ground on either of my two Sondors with my butt in the saddle.

yippie ki yay
One’s an Original Fat and the other a 2nd Generation Custom Narrow, that’s even taller than my Original. I dislike dismounting at stops (seldom make full stops at stop signs where traffic is not a problem) and stops, where I don’t want to dismount, I stop next to the crub so I can use it as foot rest. Even on the trailway, that I ride (without curbs),  at cross street intersections with lights, I use the base of the pole that holds the button to activate the crosswalk light to rest a foot on.  The Step, because it has no top tube, is rather easy to dismount where there are no steps or a rise to accommodate a foot. That’s kinda what cyclists do. You’d be surprised how those accoutrements make themselves evident when you look for them. It takes some time to become competent. 
In lieu of such advantages to prop a foot on, the most obvious two adaptations are tires with a smaller diameter. A 26" x 1.75" tire will lower the bike height 1-1/4" but I wouldn’t be comfortable with something with that little rubber between the rim and the road on a heavy bike because snake bite flats will be more likely.    https://www.sheldonbrown.com/brandt/snakebites.html      But a 26" x 2" tire would afford a inch of height reduction and if you keep the tires properly inflated (small high pressure tires leak down faster than larger tire and because of larger tires greater volume of captive air, have lower pressure at full inflation so larger tires leak down slower) so smaller tires require checking at least every few days, but with the 2" tires there shouldn’t be a problem with snakebite flats.   
Even smaller wheels and tires would lower the heights, even more but would require building new wheels, at least a total rebuild of the rear with your existing motor laced into the new smaller rim with a smaller tire. Been done here by member BikNut on a Sondors Fold and documented here (search is posts). A matching front wheel is most like available already built.  You might speak to a competent local bike shop about the cost.
I built new better Double Wall rimed wheels with better quality and heavier gauge spokes and superior tires, for my Original.

You could also have a competent bike shop take a 1/2" to 3/4" off the Seat Tube so the seat post could clamp lower. That process requires shorting the seat tube, then drilling a small strain relief hole on the back side on the tube, at the point the slot, that already exists will end, when extending that slot. It’s there to allow the seat tube the flexibility to securely grip the seat post by the seat tube Clamp tightening collar.

If none of the above resolutions prove sufficient .... maybe training wheels. 


Don’t forget to post pictures of your bikes to our Owners’ Gallery.

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Does she hope to sit on the saddle and be able to reach both feet to the ground? Ain't gonna happen and even if she could lower the seat enough she wouldn't be able to extend her knees far enough to pedal efficiently. Using the curb as Reddy mentioned is one option,as is stepping forwards off the saddle when she stops. It's about practicing technique and getting comfortable before heading out on the road.

I'm a super short guy at 5'2", and I've adapted to the point where I'm totally comfortable on my Step. I have my saddle set for the most efficient (for me) pedaling. One other thing I've done is turn my handlebars upside down,adjusting everything on the bars for the new position. This lowers the bars to just about the same height from the ground as the bars on my non electric bike. My saddle is only an inch or so higher than the analog bike saddle too. The Step frame LOOKS huge, but side by side the pedals,saddle and handlebars are pretty close.

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