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Bjoern Wiegel

Diplay for Sondors X Fat Bike (7 gear)

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I own a Sondors X Fatbike ( 7 gears)

My display KD51C  is broken and I need a new one.

The displays are sold out. Does anyone know where else I can get a Display?

Another option would be, but the kit but it is sold out. as well:

Color LCD / 25 Amp Controller Kit - SONDORS X shipped prior to Jan 1st 2019

(ONDORS X Color LCD & Controller Kit is the latest SONDORS upgrade and is compatible with SONDORS X ONLY.)

Thanks and all the best Bjoern

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The reality of your particular KD51C Display is, the ONLY replacement that will work with your controller is from Sondors.com, because all Sondors eBike (except the first Indiegogo Campaign Original Fat) use controllers matched with their LCD that use proprietary communication protocols.  (If you replace the Controller to LCD  cable, Higo cap you can operated your bike without the LCD). 
The only other option is to replace both your existing Controller & Broken LCD with one’s from one of our approved vendors that use the generic protocol and work, not only all Sondors eBikes but the vast majority of other eBikes that use the KT Controllers and KD/KT - LCDs, for geared Bafang Hub Motors.  As with buying any 3rd party replacement parts or accessories, always communicate with the vendors, your problem and needs to verify you get the exact parts you need. 
‘Bolton eBikes can supply both the 25Amp Controler (an upgraded that is a match for your 250Watt Bafang geared hub motor [identical to the rest of the world’s 350Watt Bafang] for Sondors triangle batteries and the (in my opinion better KT-LCD8H) Color Display that is much easier to program than your existing model.  https://boltonebikes.com/collections/motor-controllers-and-displays/products/kt-lcd8h-new-color-display
The 25Amp controller will add some performance gains for your Sondors X7.   https://boltonebikes.com/collections/motor-controllers-and-displays/products/36v-48v-25a-sondors-motor-controller-free-shipping 

The video in this link will guide you thru the new LCD Setup.  https://sondorsforum.com/topic/241-kt-lcd3-user-manual-and-setup-lcd8h-everything-you-need-to-know-sondors-ebike/

Alternately you can find similar replacements here at electrobikeworld  https://electrobikeworld.com/t/sondors-e-bike 

Lindsey @ EletroBikeWorld is one of our long established, reliable and trusted vendors. 
I believe you’ll find that the replacement parts, Controller & LCD Combo for your SondorsX7,  are cheaper from either vendor than just the Sondors.com replacement LDC.

Let Us Know How It Goes.






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Just get an answer from Bolton.

The parts are on the way ......

KT-LCD8H - New Color Display!

36V/48V 25A Sondors Motor Controller for Triangle Batteries

I will post an update once they have arrived and

I have swapped the controller and Display.

All the best Bjoern

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Hello Reddy,

First a happy and healthy new year ;-))

I got now my parts and installed them on the bike.

  1. KT-LCD8H - New Color Display!



  2. 36V/48V 25A Sondors Motor Controller for Triangle Batteries


  3. Thumb Throttle   https://boltonebikes.com/products/thumb-throttle

The bike runs but the display shows double speed.

That means when I ride 20 KMH the display shows 40 KMH.


So everything has been changed but not the motor.

Do you have an idea?


Thanks and all the best Bjoern


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Hi Bjorne, you’ll need to review the LCD Setup Video provided by Kyle of Bolton Bikes. You’ll need to change wheel size settings to 29’’ inches. That Should Do It. 



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Hi Reddy,

ok finally I got it.😀




Speed is shown correctly now.

Needed to configure the Magnets (P1 and P2).

Thanks fort he video:





The only thing what does not work is the battery staus.

It shows always a full battery.

I think it is P5 and I have set it to 15, like explaned in the video



Any idea?

Attached is a screenshot from my display settings.

Thanks in advance abd all the best Bjoern





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Hi Bjoern. The graphic display of battery capacity is never very accurate and setting the value is trial & error....  a guessing game at best.  My own battery graphical displays just acts as a reminder to check the actual voltage numbers displayed on a different screen than current speed and wattage.  If the bars on the display are less than half total, it’s a reminder to check the voltage and that the voltage starts dropping more rapidly as it nears the battery’s BMS low voltage cutoff. It’s also the point where I switch to PAS 0 during downhills just to maximize reserve. Unused battery capacity, is capacity you don’t have to replace, an important tenet of overall battery longevity.
 The concept I equate,  to how I pilot my aircraft. "The three most useless things in aviation are runway behind you, altitude above you, and fuel not in your tanks". 
Only once did I ever have to peddle my 1st Gen Indiegogo 36V, 8.8Ah, 15amp, 350Watt, Sondors Fat, the last couple of miles home after the battery low voltage cutoff.  

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