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Mike Ritchie

Hi everyone. Original owner here

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Hi folks. Many of you will know me and many may not, but I'm one of the admins on the primary Sondors Owner's group on Facebook. I'm also one of the original backers, and have owned a whole fleet of Sondors bikes since 2015. Over the years I've owned 4 originals from multiple campaigns (still have one), a Fold X (still have) and a Fold XS (sold). I've been upgrading these for years, so ping me if you have any questions. Oh...I'm in beautiful San Diego! 


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Hi Mike,

I am familiar with Thin (from around 2016), and am now looking into either Fold X or Smart Step. I have some questions for you (hoping that you owned or were able to ride these three models to comment):

1. On the Thin with the smaller battery I can get about 25-30 miles. I see that Fold X is spec'ed at around 40-60 miles and Smart Step at around 20-40 miles. How accurate are the estimates for the mileage and how much were you able to get from each of these bikes?

2. Geometry of the bike. Do you (or could you) have any photo showing preferably Thin next to Fold X next to Smart Step? I am trying to figure how they compare (visually) in terms of their sizing.

3. When you sit on Fold X, do you feel like you are sitting on a tiny foldable bike with your feet directly under the seat (which sometimes makes it uncomfortable to pedal)? I would like the bike to have some adequate placement of the pedals so that it does not feel awkward while pedaling (which I find it that way on some foldable non-electric bikes).

4. In what order of preference would you list these bikes (I know your preferences might vary from mine, of course) and why? Looking for inputs of actual user(s).

5. How difficult is the Fold X to pedal when not engaging PAS nor throttle? I know how it is with Thin (fixed with no gears). I wonder if the fact that the Fold X is heavy (66 lbs) as well as fat tires cause it to be requiring PAS or throttle at all times (from practical stand point). Similar question for the Smart Step although I guess this one would be easier and probably somewhat similar to Thin with gears (which I never rode it with gears, only the fixie).

Thanks in advance.

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