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Albert Werth

MXS Arrived 11.19.19

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My SONDORS MXS arrived yesterday 11.19.19, the first ride was excellent! The MSX shifts very smooth, the hub motor is super quiet, and the updates to the wheel mounting and frame are outstanding, great job by SONDORS!

2027015832_MXSgoodtoGO.jpg.79e220f7a63a1dadd5fe9d6e8c3e0d1b.jpg  629733800_MXS-1.jpg.9566b2bbcfa8e41f4aeadb1947774896.jpg  1258377406_MXS-2.jpg.0c2b1919138c5bb8325aa2a809da8418.jpg  1545381532_MXS-3.jpg.16f92d6e1dedbf7b9b8a0c3a0d85d467.jpg 

It's the Little things that show attention to detail on the MXS, like the SONDORS logo Chainstay protector, the clips on the Seatstay, retaining the brake and shifter cables, and the  plug in the top of the Head Tube Screw.

This is also my first bike with 4 pot Hydraulic Disk Brakes, what a difference.

1083261752_MXS-4.jpg.ef7f09e2c80e3cb28e36f29de0783245.jpg  1369785488_MXS-5.thumb.jpg.aa4639b8450949a5b9b3e3806867ac30.jpg

After the first ride, I changed out the Maxxis 27.5 x 3.0 Knobby tires for SCHWALBE 27.5 x 2.8 all-terrain tires, and finished setting up the Console.

Removing the rear tire, gives you a first hand look at the quality of the bike, and the improvements in the Rear Dropout.

   1183097178_MXSplusX.jpg.b6e5624c891a8929752c5aa360ba0954.jpg  1532394075_MXSConsole-2.jpg.8cbaa09f03ce433839405edbf9fbc3dd.jpg

The color display is one of the first things you notice when riding, what a difference.

2058699276_MXSConsole-1.jpeg.a07893f1e865b2fc8ab8030c1160859d.jpeg  MXS.jpg.459710436c9b001e01944a652c455b27.jpg 

Long Sleeves etc., a little cooler ride this morning, 11.20.19!


I give the SONDORS MXS an A+, all the way around!


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Hey Albert

Great looking bike. I just received my own MSX- still in the box. Here in Canada the weather is changing I have been trying to get a few last rides in before the snow makes it difficult.

I like your idea- swapping out the tires for some smaller, less luggy,  model. I have been planning on installing 2.8 Speedsters in the spring.  Your Schwalbes look like low rolling resistance for an "all terrain"  tire.  I  run 3.5 Speedsters on my "X".  I  also have a Thin and a Fold"X" and run mostly slick tires in summer. Luggy for winter.

I see you have also swapped out the seat for something you have found more comfortable.  Sondors is a great platform to make what ever you want. I put a larger crankset on all of my other Sondors bikes and that makes a huge difference. I see that Sondors has also increased the size of that component with the MXS model. I will be mounting fenders and bags, maybe a carrier -seems like a lot of room behind the seat. I don't want it to interfere with my leg when mounting thou.

Anyway, thanks for the posting. Enjoy your ride.  Really looking forward to riding my new MXS.    -Brian

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