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Shaun G

Garage storage racks

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The ceilings are void and ripe for storage. I have 4 bikes hanging from the ceiling in my studio with vinyl coated  hooks made for bike storage and I placed cross bracing between the 2nd floor joists so the hooks, could screw into lumber in the correct spacing to hang bikes by the wheels.  Lowe’s has various sizes of these hooks. I have 13 bikes and storage is a multiple faceted solution here at my house. They even hang inside the bay windows of my kitchen dining bay, because they are out of the way there. 
You might consider one of the various bike pulley hoists to hang your Step in either orientation, Folded or not. Search Amazon for various “bicycle storage solutions”. 

‘This is a particular space saving ceiling solution if your jerk to press exercise form is up to it with the weight of the Fold. Vertical position that rotates to Parallel to the Horizontal Ceiling system.   



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