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Tire on Fat Bike

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I have nearly run 10.000 km on my fat bike and now is time to change my tire.

I have search the internet, and it seems hard to find this big fat tire 26x4.9 in Europe.

I have find some tire in 26x4.8, has anybody tried this size on a fat bike ?

What is the difference between 26x4.9 and 26x4.8, where on the tire is the difference ?

If somebody knows where to buy in Europe, please tell, thanks.



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Tire manufacturing figures can be misleading but you wont find any discernible differences in somewhat similar tire sizes. Some higher numbers will result in actually smaller tires than those with slightly lower numbers.  More important than slight differences in claimed size is what kind of performance you expect out of your tires. 
My favorite tires for my Electric Black Lightning are Vee Tire Co, Mission Command II’s and they’re published size is 4.7” but they are taller and wider than the Stock Sondors  4.9" Chaoyang tires. In the lower thread count version they are a little more robust and in the higher thread count versions, more supple. They wear faster than the Chaoyang’s with softer, sticker rubber and I like them best when the center section is almost completely worn away to almost a slick. They then corner like a Moto GP tire. I ride mostly very clean smooth pavement @ 20+ Mph / 32+ Kph. I’ve been thru 3 rears and one front in 13,000 miles / 20,900 Kilometers. Your riding style and habits are a consideration in your choice. 

‘For Durability I like the Chaoyangs although they are noisy which translates in to higher rolling resistance.



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