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    • By Bruce Kelley
      Hello! I have a 4 month old Sondors fatbike upgraded with a 750w Bafang rear hub, 60V battery, 35A controller, 7 speed gearing with only 300 miles on it, and suddenly it's making a fairly loud scraping noise coming from the motor. It only occurs when I throttle or use PA. There is no error showing on the LCD. It does not happen when the bike is in a bike stand- only when I'm riding. It happens from about 0-25 mph, then it stops. Except for a delay in the initial torque, the bike accelerates and performs the same as always. From a start, along with the scraping sound it sounds ands feels as though something is slipping, or  spinning without grabbing in the motor. My daily commute is only 6-7 miles on hilly asphault roads-no off road as of yet, so the bike has had it easy. I've checked for other possibilities, such as the brakes, the chain and derailer, and can find nothing wrong, so I'm convinced the sound is a motor issue. I haven't opened the motor hub case yet. I'm in the Woods Hole/Falmouth, Mass. area of the Cape in New England. I bought the bike and did the upgrades at a bike shop that no longer exists. I believe the upgrade kit came from Wendy, whom I find almost impossible to communicate with- I contact her, and I get no response. Any thoughts? Thank you.
    • By Bruce Almberg
      I'm getting no reading on my battery gauge and no pedal assist beyond level 1, although I can set it to any level on the screen.  Also see "Sour 2" at bottom of screen, which I assume is an error code, but it seems like error codes are usually numbers, and I've not been able to find any reference to this in forum nor anywhere else. Has anyone else experienced this "Sour 2" error code?  Any solutions? I'm waiting to hear back from Sondors tech support...

    • By Brandnew
      I purchased four Sondors and love all four but I love my wife more and she believes we have two too many Sondors so I listed two on the Atlanta, GA Craigslist. I purchased two Fold X, one Sondors X 7 with suspension & LCD and a Thin 7 with the LCD-suspension & the battery upgrade. The Sondors X and the Sondors Thin both are too tall for my wife and almost too tall for me. The Sondors Fold turns out to be the best fit for us for the type of riding we do. I discounted the Thin a little more because I would rather let it go rather than the Sondors X. I am trying to sell the Thin 7 at my cost minus the shipping and LCD Screen cost and the Sondors X at my cost minus the shipping. If we would have been able to ride the Sondors before purchasing we would had discovered the two were too tall and would have only purchased the Folds. If I do not sell the Sondors X I plan to strip the drive system and install it on one of my recumbents. If you live anywhere near Lagrange, Georgia and are interested in a Sondors bike but would like to ride one before purchasing any Sondors bikes contact me and I will try to arrange a test ride even if you are not interested in purchasing mine.  I do not have any other experience with electric bikes other than the four I own but I cannot imagine any others being much better than these except more size options. 

    • By Tim S.
      I bought a set of black plastic fenders from Wish.com for $3.40 plus $3.00 shipping. I think they look good but a little flimsy but hey for $6.40 you can't go wrong!

    • By Tim S.
      Does anyone know where I can get a front suspension forks for my Sondors Thin? I've looked on eBay but all I can find is for Fats and Mountain bikes. Thanks,Tim from Kansas.

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