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Is Greenergia a trusted battery brand?

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A blanket statment on recharge cycles is meaningless because It’s dependent on the individual 18650 ver of the cells in the pack (they each have their own number of cycles dependent on their chemistry) and  the depth of discharge the pack starts at recharge (Voltage)  and how much of a charge you’ll top off the pack to. For best longevity, charging packs Low (amperage) & Slow is recommended to only 80% (Voltage) capacity. 

Lastly, those in the know and none of the Staff on this site recommend buying batteries direct from China because you have no recourse on your purchase, return shipping of Li Ion battery packs back to China might  cost as much as the pack and Chinese Pack Suppliers are notorious for supplying counterfeit cells in their products.  No, not everyone is out to cheat you but their have been too many reported cases to consider taking a chance.

We recommend buying from one of the three trusted US Vendors known to this forum that support our brand and Sondors Upgrades.  The First Two are the most reliable and helpful. Always communicate with vendors about individual compatibility and specifications for your individual application. 



Luna is a long time supplier that is moving past a lot of the Sondors upgrades they use to feature and they don’t publish any guarantees .


Id suggest reading about Li-Ion batteries at Electricbike.com starting with this article    https://www.electricbike.com/introduction-lithium-18650-batteries/



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Just wanted to post the outcome of the rebuild, I now have a 48V 750 Watt motor and a 36V/48V 25A Sondors Motor Controller for 750 watt Motor.

I am having a ball and I want to thank Reddy for keeping me out of trouble. I am a stranger in a strange land when it comes to E-bikes but I have caught the bug.

I'm going to sell this bike in order to build another.

This time I need full suspension and mid-drive with a custom built battery box behind sport bike type bodywork.

It's going to be epic.

Thanks again.


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