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Tom P

250 watt motor on hills - Europe

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Hi, I have ordred a Fold X with a European 250W motor. 

Those who have one, what are they like up hills with just 250W and with throttle only no pedalling? Enough power? I'm 80KG.



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Hello Tom P.  

Define, “Hills”?  Although no Sondors Bafang Geared Hub motored eBikes are considered good hill climbers, especially under throttle only, they perform poorly when trying to pretend they are eMotorcycles. They are bicycles and are intended to be pedaled.  The European Bafang 250 Watt  Hub Motor is actually the exact same model as the rest of the world’s Bafang  350 Watt Hub Motor. Only the rating as labeled appears on the outside of the motor case, has been changed to “Protect the Innocent” and satisfy EU limits. Electric motor manufactures can arbitrarily rate their motors at their pleasure and the rating is a not indicative of any limit or actual watt usage.

All that being said, looking at the terrain around your local, I don’t see anything that challenging and although I can’t judge the inclines on routes around Hampstead Heath nor Parliament Hill, I would think that throttle only might be capable but probably so with minimal human participation. Just be aware that throttle only use severely limits range, even for a guy weighing 12.5 Stones. I’d advise using  Strava.com or the App to review actual cycling data and experiences near you. 

If you find the power unsatisfactory for your usage, take Solace in the fact that one of the greatest attributes of the Sondors eBike line of bikes, is that they are great platforms for customization and upgrading.  There are examples here on the forum to upgrade the Folds’, clandestinely to 750 watt motors, while using your same 250watt case, keeping you observationally legal and your controller to a 25amps aftermarket version, which affords greater torque and acceleration, but which also requires a new aftermarket LCD display because the Sondors display is not comparable with any aftermarket controllers. That configuration should climb any roadway or trail around London with ease. You could even upgrade to a 52V battery that could fit in a rear rack mounted trunk pack.

There is a Forum Member (Houshman Moarefi)  that climbed the highest pave mountain road in Colorado (believe me that’s no hill) with his 350Watt Sondors Fat. That practice (most likely, the HEAT that was generated) caused motor failure. But that bike’s Motor was replaced and still operates 4 years later. 





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Well, you are correct in that the US model of the Fold X does come with 500 Watt motor. Sondors in each individual model of the,  Original Fat, the Standard Fold, the Thin and Step all have 350Watt motors. 

Here is the bright side of the 350 watt motors. My own second generation offered Kickstarter Campaign  Sondors, Custom  Narrow (no longer available from Sondors, called Custom, because you could customize it with a Aluminum Frame, Suspension Fork and/or Narrower Wheels and Tires, than the Fat’s, and now I’ve renamed it the “Electric White Lightning”)  has a 350 Watt Motor. It’s much lighter than the Fat models and 40 pounds lighter than my own highly modified Sondors Fat, now renamed the “Electric Black Lightning”  because the only original Sondors parts retained are the Frame, Fork, Battery Box and Bottom Bracket. Every other component has been changed, even the headset bearings.

 The Electric White Lightning has been upgraded with a 25Amp Aftermarket Controller and compatible LCD w/ USB port to power my headlight off the main battery power, a 52V - 20Ah battery and a 58Tooth crankset, so my legs can keep up at speed. This is a 33Mph bike and because of the high gear ratio 58/16 must be ridden at 20mph minimum because any slower and it requires lots of leg power at those slow speeds. But above that, I’m in the sweet spot on cadence, where I can comfortably spin within a range of about 20 to 28 mph 2D1FEC7E-C385-4FC8-A02A-FDFEC8730CDB.thumb.jpeg.f2dd9e0a12a582ca71303902a22a0c8a.jpeg

The EBL, has the same top speed but it gets there a hell of a lot faster, with higher acceleration and torque. 750Watt, 52v 17.5Ah, 35amp controller with a Double Wall Origin8 rimed 26 X 80mm front wheel built with heavier 12 gauge Sapim spokes and a 26 X 4.0” Vee Tire Mission Command II Tire front. On the rear I’ve built a Double Wall Origin8 rimed 26 X 100mm rear wheel built with heavier 12 gauge Sapim spokes and a 26 X 4.7” (actually larger than the Sondors 4.9” Tire)  Vee Tire Mission Command II Tire. The smaller front improves ride-ability with quicker steering.  The EBL is a 7 speed, 56T / 11-34T Beast. 




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