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Brett Crosby

ANSWERED Rear brake not engaging

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I have a Sondors thin. My rear disk brake is not engaging. I have tried tightening the cable, but that's not the issue.  Whatever the cable is supposed to pull is stuck or jammed or something. The brake isn't squeezing the disk.  Any ideas?

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Hello Brett, Sorry but your description is not detailed enough to formulate an accurate guess. If the cable moves when you squeeze the Handel Bar Lever and the Arm that the Cable Clamp attaches to on the Caliper moves, then it might be internal inside the Caliper. I’d suggest taking your Thin to a Bike Shop. The few dollars they’ll charge you for service is worth starting a relationship with a shop.  Even if you have to replace a Tektro Brake Lever or Caliper they are some of the most affordable  brakes in the industry. 



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