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Bjoern Wiegel

colour display for Sondors Fat Bike

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Well @Bjoern Wiegel is your Battery a 48V - 17.2 Ah, an After Market Battery in a Sondors Original?  Because the only 48V batteries supplied by Sondors.com, that I’m aware of, are 48v 17.5Ah sold in the Sondors X, or Sondors XS, Fat Bikes 

There are a couple of different Color Displays available for Sondors Fat Bikes. This is available for the Sondors X from Sondors that includes the compatible new controller for that model. 


From the Sondors.com listing for this upgrade: “SONDORS X Color LCD & Controller Kit is the latest SONDORS upgrade and is compatible with SONDORS X ONLY.

This kit includes a gorgeous ultra-thin, full-color liquid crystal display offering five levels of electric pedal assist, battery gauge, odometer, speedometer, USP charging port and backlighting for better visibility day and night. 

Plus a 25 amp controller for increased torque, improved hill-climbing power, and greater towing capacity.*

*Larger amp controllers will provide increased power and may result in decreased battery range.

Purchase price includes hand-delivery to your door via UPS ground shipping in U.S. 

Please Note: Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and Europe may incur an extended area shipping surcharge. See eligibility and shipping rates at checkout.”

Or there is an “After Market Color LCD 8h” and it also requires a Controller Upgrade to replace the Sondors Controller that came on a Sondors Fat, except the Sondors Original Indiegogo Campaign Fat, the first ver of the Sondors eBike and that bike does not require a controller upgrade. 

This is the LCD 8h Color aftermarket LCD.   https://boltonebikes.com/collections/motor-controllers-and-displays/products/kt-lcd8h-new-color-display 

And there are various controller upgrades available that are dependent on Buyers’s preference and/or Sondors Battery / Bafang Motor Comparability, viewable on this page from Bolton eBikes. . 


As you can see, it’s imperative that owners know and identify which Sondors eBike they own.  This thread should help you although the Sondors eBike various models and the compatibility of components for the various models makes buying parts or just identifying what bikes buyers of used eBikes know that they have. 





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Hi Reddy Kilowatt ,
thanks for your quick answer.
I will check my battery later at home.
I own a Fatbike SONDORS X ( In-Stock - Europe Only) - Silver / Silver,
orderd on 14'th  December 2018.

I have a problem with the speed shown on the display since a few days.
It shows most times 0 KM/H.
I found a topic here in the Forum:

But there is no right solution.

So I thougt t buy a new controller and a new display.
If this will not resove the problem, I needd to check the magnets
in the motor..
Is this right?

Thanks and all the best Bjoern




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My recommendation is to purchase the compatible Color LCD and Controller for your bike at Bolton EBikes after verifying the correct pairing with Bolton personnel. Sondors can supply both with their newer color LCD and Compatible Controller  but the CS at Sondors.com is so convoluted, relying on Facebook for support and their supply chain so unreliable, and more expensive and Bolton is cheaper, with better response times, and their support for the color LCD8H in a video, about programming and setup is superior to Sondors nonexistent. 



The issue of loose magnets is usually preceded by an Error Message on the LCD or some other catastrophic failure. I wouldn’t suspect that is your problem at this juncture. 



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Howdy Bjoern, I presently have two. I have one of the First Manufactured, Indiegogo Campaign, Original Sondors Fat Bikes but the Only Original Sondors Parts left on it are the Frame/Fork, Battery Box and Bottom Bracket. Everything else has been changed and upgraded. It’s now the “Electric Black Lightning”, my Heavy Hauler. It’s 52v, 18650GA High Power-Long Range 17 Ah Luna battery, 750WATT Bafang,  7 Speed with a 56T Chainring, Magura MT5e 4 Piston/Pads per Caliper Hydraulic brakes, 203mm Disc, Front and 180mm Rear Disc. I built Double Wall Origin 8 wheels, 100mm rear / 80mm front  with heavier  Sapim 12gauge spokes which Mount Vee Tire, Mission Command II Tires, 26 x 4.0 front / 26 x 4.7 rear. 


My other Sondors, is from the second Sondors offering, the Kickstarter campaign, is an Aluminum Frame, Custom, “Narrow “ (a model that is no longer offered and has narrow rims ) and it is still being transformed into my Light Weight, “Electric White Lightning”. It presently has a 52v-20.3Ah Battery Pack, 350watt Bafang Single Speed with a 58T Chainring. It sports original narrow wheels and 26 X 4.0 tires but has just the same wheel & tire diameter as the Fats and a slightly higher ride heights because of the suspension fork, It is a lot more maneuverable that my EBL, which because of its smaller front wheel and tire is better handling than the stock Sondors Fat. 


Both bikes have a 33Mph top speed and although the EBL is 40 pounds heavier, it gets to top speed a lot quicker with faster acceleration and more torque.. Both are considered Hybrids, fueled by Li Ion Electricity & BulletProof Coffee. )) For the last 2 years I’ve been a 100% eBike Committed Commuter from my rural, 100 year old cabin, in an Oak Forest on the shores of a large lake (nobody said it would be easy).


My routes to shopping and my mail box are 25 to 42 miles RT and I’ve logged over 14,000 miles combined on both bikes.  I have the luxury of a Trailway a few miles from my house that takes me to towns in opposite directions, for my errands that makes most of both routes safer traveling. I also have Commuter Trains  Access  for both bikes but the Light Weight EWL is capable of hanging on the Trains Bike Racks of all the separate commuter lines that allow traveling with my bikes throughout the vast DFW Metroplex. 



Be sure and add pictures of your bike and adventures to our Gallery.

           Yippie Ki Yay 



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Hi Reddy,

I own two Sondors bikes.

One Fat and one Thin.

I am looking forward toget them upgraded.

I aked Sonors for a new controller.

Also I asked Bolton for compatible parts.

I give you an update asap.

All the best Bjoern




Thin Bike.jpg

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