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Replacement Tires

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Hi Sondors family,

What are the current recommendations on tires, these days? I have a Sondors X, fat-tire style.

The originals wore down after about 1000 miles.  I replaced them with another set of Chaoyangs.

One of the replacement tires has split open, and threads are exposed.  Gotta replace it.

Any alternatives?  I'd like to stick with the 4.9 size.  I tried installing a Maxxis Mammoth 4" tire at one point. It just didn't seem to fit right.




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@Matt, there are lots of tire choices but it depends on where and what type of riding you do. If you wore out a set (my fronts last thru 3 rear) and in only 1,000 miles. I still have my original Chaoyangs on my original rims with 3,000 miles on them and this Rear still has “some” good life left on it and I wouldn’t consider it worn out yet. It might be too low an Air Pressure that are causing your problems. 

A4ABBD30-FCDC-4F9C-A8B4-7108F75C9AE9.thumb.jpeg.8344677fe36208fb67d0957d553d0806.jpegFor mostly hard pack and pavement but with some loose gravel and dirt in my eighth of a mile long driveway, I like the the very larger Vee Tire 26 X 4.7  Mission Command II’s (larger than the 4.9 Choayangs, you can’t believe manufactures number claims) on my 100mm rear rim and the Vee Tire 26 X 4.0 Mission Command II on my 80mm front rim. The slightly smaller tire on the front makes the Sondors Fat much more maneuverable, no self steer and quicker steering.  I rode the Choayangs @ 28 psi and the Vee Tire Mission Commands II’s @ 25 psi   Chaoyang did manufacture a bad separating batch of tires last year as reported on this forum.




The Mission Command II’s with their redesigned Universal Tread Pattern and faster rolling center section have a low rolling resistance. The trend for smaller rear tires only reduces your top speed and I appreciate some noise from my tires because Trailway pedestrians and other riders know they’re about to get passed. The Mission Commands are a lot quieter than the Choayangs. 

That being the case on my Fat Electric Black Lightning, I intend to put on and try a  Vee Tire Apache Fatty Slick, on the rear, just to try them, still considering something else for the front. Although I have a beach in front of my house, on the lake where I live and these slicks are said to have superior performance in sand, (go figure ¿, but the smooth carcass, without lugs to break up the sands surface tension explains why), when my present Mission Command IIs wear down, I’ll make the switch, probably next spring. 



Some tires are problematic when trying to getting the tire’s chincher strip captured in the rim’s chincher groove.  Some lubricant can be helpful.  Incremental inflation while manipulating the tire, pressing it hard on the ground while squeezing the top of the tire and rocking it back and forth to get the strip to capture and rotating the tire in increments,  to repeat, all around .  I use this process to get the edges captured by the rim in hard to seat tires. 




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