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I have dissasembled the motor to get to the magnets. I am able to pull the outer case down (with a lot of resistance), but the case will not come all the way down and off. At about 3-4" down, it simply won't come down any furthur. I have been using Bruce Choate's guide. It should come off at this point.....?  Anybody have this issue? Thanks.


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So, I finally was able to get the case of the Bafang rear hub motor down off the shaft to expose the magnets, so that I could re-epoxy them. The first one I removed jumped from my fingers and flew onto another magnet close by, and shattered in 20 pieces. Does anyone have any idea where more magnets can be purchased? Sondors said they have no idea.  

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If you’ve tried your vendor and Bafang in China and they were no help, I have no idea but Bruce Choate on Facebook would be my only guess who might have an idea or a source for used magnets if that’s even an option considering the marking and repositioning sequence of re-gluing magnets in motors. 



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    • By Bruce Kelley
      Hello! I have a 4 month old Sondors fatbike upgraded with a 750w Bafang rear hub, 60V battery, 35A controller, 7 speed gearing with only 300 miles on it, and suddenly it's making a fairly loud scraping noise coming from the motor. It only occurs when I throttle or use PA. There is no error showing on the LCD. It does not happen when the bike is in a bike stand- only when I'm riding. It happens from about 0-25 mph, then it stops. Except for a delay in the initial torque, the bike accelerates and performs the same as always. From a start, along with the scraping sound it sounds ands feels as though something is slipping, or  spinning without grabbing in the motor. My daily commute is only 6-7 miles on hilly asphault roads-no off road as of yet, so the bike has had it easy. I've checked for other possibilities, such as the brakes, the chain and derailer, and can find nothing wrong, so I'm convinced the sound is a motor issue. I haven't opened the motor hub case yet. I'm in the Woods Hole/Falmouth, Mass. area of the Cape in New England. I bought the bike and did the upgrades at a bike shop that no longer exists. I believe the upgrade kit came from Wendy, whom I find almost impossible to communicate with- I contact her, and I get no response. Any thoughts? Thank you.
    • By Houshmand Moarefi
      Sondors Dual Drive 2 x 750 Bafang motors, dual controllers and batteries.
      performance stats
      Front throttle only
      0-20 mph-      26 sec
      Top speed-     27 mph
      Rear throttle only
      0-20 mph-      10 sec
      Top speed-      30 mph
      Dual drive throttle only
      0-20 mph-       8 sec
      Top speed-      33.8 mph
      The Bafang controller for the front motor is not as strong as the Luna 25a KT controller.  It has a slow start and gradually build ups to the top speed.  I have not found the set up instructions for the Bafang display to unlock its potential.  Once I receive Wendy Xie 35a controller for the rear motor, I intend to use the Luna 25a controller to power the front motor.

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