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Cleaning Up the Flat Bar

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The Flat Bar is an easy place to mount things, but it becomes a maze of clutter, at some point. Late last night I decided I wanted my GoPro camera off the SONDORS X flat bar.

1.jpg.85d11366c04cd345f8b4269db6942fd6.jpg Before and After   902410893_SONDORSGoProMount-MovedoffHandlebarstoStemMountAAWRevA07_15.19-6h.thumb.jpg.3a8bbd627f21288559794281c83e2989.jpg

I wanted a basic mount design, that did not require fasteners, moved the camera away from all the cables, and incorporates the old Flat Bar mount. 

1245618724_SONDORSGoProMount-MovedoffHandlebarstoStemMountAAWRevA07_15.19-1.thumb.jpg.6aea5bc7aa4b32725103b4ce718fa2d5.jpg   503028106_SONDORSGoProMount-MovedoffHandlebarstoStemMountAAWRevA07_15.19-6.jpg.b6699e9204d3bb8cd869e8487bd16bfa.jpg

A little time on SolidWorks, an overnight 3D print, and it was time for a test mounting on my X, just call me Mr. Lucky, hit all the numbers the first time.

4229009_SONDORSGoProMount-MovedoffHandlebarstoStemMountAAWRevA07_15.19-6a.thumb.jpg.b256da73b25274921bd346f221503a21.jpg  1380413607_SONDORSGoProMount-MovedoffHandlebarstoStemMountAAWRevA07_15.19-6d.thumb.jpg.6f3bfb3f936130e0ed8a3bf99b714e18.jpg  1563475513_SONDORSGoProMount-MovedoffHandlebarstoStemMountAAWRevA07_15.19-6f.jpg.27a57bfa79be8bd8a336ccdc9c6fef57.jpg

The mount surrounds the SONDORS Stem Spacers and is compressed vertically with the Cap over the Stem Riser, all the way to the stem spacer's original position, 

this way the camera mount does not interfere with the flat bar clamping. Super easy assembly, I will let you know how it works tomorrow after my 10 mile.

2084996385_SONDORSGoProMount-MovedoffHandlebarstoStemMountAAWRevA07_15.19-6i.thumb.jpg.ddf16940efcded81ae8040e73f03331c.jpg  1827657917_SONDORSMX750-L3-35amp48-52V-fortheHills-07_16.19-1.thumb.jpg.4927d8c54cdf4f666e2c554825de0bd0.jpg

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