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Maximum Size Chainring 2019 SONDORS X

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If you can adjust the Bottom Bracket slightly to the right a 56T will fit but depending on the Freewheel or Cassette, you might have to use a spacer behind the Cog-Set, to also move it to the right to prevent chainsuck. That is what I had to do to on the Electric Black Lightning, to use the 56T x 13-28, with Vee Tire Co Mission Command II 26 x 4.7 tires(with protruding side lugs) 


, on my Origin 8, 100mm rear rim.  YMMV.  I’m @ ainring ,849mi now. 

A 60T can be made to fit but you’d probably have to switch to a Single Speed Cog in the rear, like Matt Robinson did to get a chainline. 
Edit: The SondorsX has a slightly larger frame and battery triangle box than the Sondors Original.  But my second generation Sondors Original labeled the Custom Narrow by Sondors because it was offered with custom options; alum frame, suspension fork and narrower rims and tires 26 x 4.0 Choyangs will accept a 58 T Chainring. That will fit the Sondors X also. 



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Thank you for the reply,

Your EBL with 29 x 4.7s, would be a pickup of 0.20 or 0.10 per side additional clearance, over the stock SONDORS 29 x 4.9 side lug tires.  

I was thinking about ordering a stock SONDORS Original 29 x 4.0 side lug tire, as this only affects the back tire, and it would give me 0.9, or 0.45 per side clearance.

Will I still need to adjust the Bottom Bracket to the right?


56 T Chainring for SONDORS X - Rev A - 06.23.19 - 19 - 40 in. Tires - 2 - 29 x 4.9.jpg

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You’re assuming that the published tire sizes reflect actual measurements.  That may or may not reflect reality. I can measure the actual width after the sun comes up and confirm the dimensions as I have a mounted 4.9 Choayang on an Original rim .  But without even considering the tire size, I did have to move the bottom bracket by adjusting the bb lock rings to get the 56T to clear the RT chainstay. I can’t supply actual measurements of how much I shifted it but as I recall, just enough for it to clear, probably just a few mm. I expect your experience should be similar.  

My rear is on a wider 100mm  Origin 8 Double Wall rim I built with 12 g spokes,  that should make my tire profile wider and with a larger footprint. Because I carry some heavy loads; tools, Luna airpump compressor, occasionally my charger ... and groceries daily, including up to 50 pounds of Dog Food  on my rear rack and in the panniers, I like a larger, wider tire in back but one upgrade that I’ve enjoyed the most, is building and installing a narrower rim (80mm) and tire 26 x 4.0 on the front that made the  truck like handling of my Original, into a much nimbler handling Fat Bike. The difference in rake and trail calculate to cancel each other out, to maintain the same ratio but handling is much improved. Not as agile as my Sondors Custom Narrow, with narrower rims and 26 x  4.0 Choayangs on both ends but that bike is also about 25  pounds lighter. The Choayangs are good wearing, tough tires but they’re noisy, with a high rolling resistance. I changed to a faster rolling tire, that’s quiet with lugs, because I do ride some loose gravel but with a universal tread and fast rolling center section tread suited for pavement.  The large 4.7" rear maintains the higher top speed than using a smaller 4.0” on the rear. 

I’m pretty sure your 500watt Bafang Motor is similar to my original 350 Watt, except yours should be equipped with a Cassette, not the Freewheel that I use on my 1st, 750Watt Motor upgrade.  If you find it necessary, to also adjust your cassette for clearance, you should be able to use a Shimano Cassette Cluster spacer to fit over the splines behind the cogs.

EDIT: My 2015 Sondors Original’s frame is different, than the current frame supplied with the Sondors X, XS and MXS, in the size of the Battery Box Frame Triangle (which is larger) , Chainstay length/dimensions and Wheel Base(longer). 
The Maximum size Chainring for all Fat Tire Full Size Sondors (not a Fold) that’s been demonstrated is a 60T. 




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My 4.7” Mission Command II tire width on the Origin8 100mm rim, is 120mm. My Original Fat Choayang is 111mm wide, on the Original Sondors rim, Measuring the distance between the left side crank arm, at the pedal spindle, to the left chainstay is 8mm.  Measuring the distance between the right side crank arm, at the pedal spindle, to the right  chainstay is 19mm.  These measurements identify the Bottom Bracket Offset on my Fat compared to my Stock Narrow’s Measurements.                                                                                                                         Measuring the same on my Stock Narrow frame, it’s left, 12mm and right 17mm.  I would guess that the difference in distances between the two bikes is the difference between the Square Taper Holes in the different cranksets and depth they accept the spindle while still considering offset. 

That’s about as clear of a pic I can take (of this filthy bike but it’s been raining here) with this non flash iPad,  in morning heavy overcast but as you can determine the clearance is minimal. 





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Thank you for the reply,

Incorrect Tire Information in my prior posts!

I Just finished the 56T Chainring install, with little effort. There must be a difference between our frames and components etc. My Fat Tires are standard SONDORS 26 x 4.9 as you know.

My chain to Tire body clearance is 20 mm +, after the 56T install, without moving the bottom bracket? Same is true with the 56T Chainring to frame clearance, 4 mm plus between them.

I receive the longer chain, but I have not installed it, I am going to do a test ride first in 5, 6, and 7th gear. More to Follow!

 22848571_SONDORSX56TChainringInstall06_24.19-6.jpg.cdc8f52656a04ad9a195392857532e43.jpg           916456698_SONDORSX56TChainringInstall06_24.19-8.thumb.jpg.4941b7e1682dbf4e4a6b7fe5deed0ee6.jpg           1183390459_SONDORSX56TChainringInstall06_24.19-9.thumb.jpg.422f2709c74cfceef1d54b830cdfa934.jpg

 908231232_SONDORSX56TChainringInstall06_24.19-7.jpg.7fcdc52e6ce60cdb853a75a524cd457e.jpg       535177170_SONDORSX56TChainringInstall06_24.19-4.jpg.0efeeb1ca5f6cf11848eb22aeaaba83b.jpg

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Albert, Looks Good. Glad it was easy install. I have the Aluminum frame on my Sondors Narrow,, the “Electric White Lightning”.  I was hoping to try a 58T on it (and now that is the reality in 2020)  but know I’d have to center the crank farther to the right to clear the chainstay . It will use the 11-28T Freewheel in back (instead of the 13-28 I have on the EBL) and I’ll need the higher top end gearing to keep up with the 60V Battery, 35Amp-60V Controler and 750 Watt Bafang conversion . The bike was from the second generation, Kickstarter Campaign and although a great compromise between the Fat & Thin models, it’s no longer offered by Sondors.  It’s presently with a 52V Battery, 25 amp Controller with the original 42T Chainring and Single Speed Rear cog. And impossible for leg speed to keep up with the higher top speed of the components. I’m just hoping that the chainline will work with the gearing. I’m not a fan of the first offering of the Sondors Suspension Fork and probably install a fixed Carbon Fiber one.  While the EBL is my heavy hauler, the EWL will be my speedster backup.

Edit: Yes, the 58T chainring fits as shown.

I just haven’t found time to complete the transition nor buy the 60V Battery, Controler and 60V LCD,  but looking at the spacing/clearance,  between your 56T and the Aluminum frame’s Chainstay gives me a better picture of the 58T possibility. I already have all the other components. 

Going in for eyelid surgery in the morning so I’ll start my re-effort during the recovery down time. 

Noticed your tire pump. I’ll offer this link for your consideration.    https://lunacycle.com/luna-e-pump





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56T Chainring is ready for a Test 

Changed out the original bike chain after the conversion, as the original chain was 8 links to short, for the new setup.

Then measured the clearance between the Rear Tire and the chain in 1st gear at 10.3 mm and 7th gear at 19.5 mm (Photo Study). The original clearance was about 3/16 in., or 4.7 mm. 

I took the bike, with the 56T Chainring setup, for a 14 mile test ride, good spinning cadence of one pedal revolution per second at 17-18 mph in 4th gear (56T -20T / 2.8 :1)

Before the Chainring conversion, the stock setup would have been in 7th gear (40T -14T / 2.86 :1) for about the same cadence.

FYI, 7th gear with the 40T original chainring vs 7th gear with the 56T chainring conversion - 40T - 14T / 2.86 :1  vs 56T - 14T / 4.0 :1 


1830297117_56T-NewChain-1.thumb.jpg.8c0549e9922756da72c65a4c3504ec81.jpg  598075678_1stGearConversion10_3mm.thumb.jpg.ed148d719c5825ca093f11b4f24243e3.jpg

287268296_56T-NewChain-14.thumb.jpg.4a347ebf1180e390e418748363e6be61.jpg 1675137441_7stGearClearancetoChain-.thumb.jpg.14487ff808954039c90a8efbf5405b55.jpg 

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Back on Monday you asked: Now I've got to ask, what’s your Association with Aviation? That NACA Duct is a dead giveaway. Makes me think you’re a Van’s RV driver

I am a 4,800 hour Land & Sea Multiengine Land Instrument Airplane Pilot, but that has nothing to do with the NACA Duct addition to my X.

Now for the history: Every project starts with a concept. I removed the battery case and digitized the case, by hand, into a SolidWorks 3D CAD model, next some possible locations, I found a great spot for the Duct-directly in front of the Controller, happenstance visit to the "War Birds Museum" north of Cape Canaveral, now to print the Duct, and the perfectionist needed a better Class A Surface!, but first the Duct to internal component review with a transparent Duct, and that worked, add the final product, and we are good to go.   

821636178_SONDORSbatteryCase-PhaseIRemoveRibsandAddMountingHolesfortheEBW35a48-52vController-2.thumb.jpg.ee3150f5509ee7e47d95021f85c6ffb3.jpg 458101980_EarlyNACADuctLocation-SONDORSbatteryCase-PhaseIIRemoveRibsandAddMountingHolesfortheEBW35a48-52vControllerandFitL3Battery-A.thumb.jpg.1794696fbee1bcfcc9836ef3a5b9f4d5.jpg 379255641_B-52NACAAirDuctPlacement-1.jpg.32112d490f163c8292704ffc44ec2ccb.jpg 1024183947_B-52NACAAirIntakebelowU.S.AIRFORCE-B-52.jpg.28698f6e707d2f760e36501482ff4fe4.jpg 2096332149_3DprintingNACAIntakewithSupports-Formlabs2-6.jpg.20bec31d12b94303201860c542f9559a.jpg 1659303842_3DprintingNACAIntakewithSupports-Formlabs2-7.jpg.cac3d03f6bfe878f1b747bbd5584df20.jpg 1458500535_NACADuctprintedintransparentmaterialtocheckfitwithComponents-1.jpg.afbc2e5d2d548104e8c9f8f0f7549cfc.jpg

 767725054_NACADuctprintedintransparentmaterialtocheckfitwithComponents-2.jpg.1cbb23401fb73f4a784698200c7cc51c.jpg 127145181_FinalNACADuctprintedinflexiblematerial-3.jpg.643d0739c1708e2bbb12f3569d61acdd.jpg 866402085_SONDORSbatteryCasefittedwithNACADuct-1.thumb.jpg.acfc4fb002f648451d53e7a54e789ad0.jpg By the way, always program your ebike to startup in "0"

You had to ASK!


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The 56T Chainring install was finished in June of 2019, but needed an upgrade. The larger chainring creates a dynamic that is only evident during a crash or when you hit a pot hole, both can jump the chain off the Chainring! I added a Guide to my SONDORS X during the first week of October 2019, that modification is now complete and working well.


My post from 10.09.19, (Posted as “ The Belt Came Off the Boiler”) The second time, last week, was during a downshift to first gear, as I reached my turnaround point. This time it was caused by poor alignment between my 56T Chainring and first gear. I fine tuned the derailleur, adjusting the stops, and alignment. Understanding the first occurrence was caused by the chain jumping vertically off the Chainring and the second with poor alignment, I wanted to attempt to cure both with a single change. I found a Chain Guide that I thought I could make work, or modify slightly, to make if fit.


Last week, the third week in October 2019, I crashed twice, thank God they were both at low speed, only missing some skin on the side of my knee. The Chainring Guide performed very well and the only adjustment to the bike was to straighten the derailleur guard.


Photos show a very robust Chainring Guide mounted to a Steel Hat Section using two - FHSH 1-5M 1-6M screws, for chain clearance, and to the Seat Tube Clamp with two 5M Screws. 



1587630871_Final-BikeSeatTubeClampChainGuide10_22.19-1.jpg.538d96dc95bec99fe9fcb3409187abd1.jpg  348965094_Final-BikeSeatTubeClampChainGuide10_22.19-2.jpg.8cf5914315005d9818e29934716fb28a.jpg  844678003_Final-BikeSeatTubeClampChainGuide10_22.19-3.jpg.3742fc57eb4e34a93cebeffa0cf2291e.jpg  1414957407_Final-BikeSeatTubeClampChainGuide10_22.19-5a.jpg.3a41c893891c4696cc0fb3aebd5dc56d.jpg


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