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Sondors XS Fat Tire w/ Color LCD

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Been wanting a Sondors for ages, finally I just received my shiny new Sondors XS.
Now that I have it I realize there is a lot to know, that I don't know, so I'm here to ask what i don't know and share what i learn.

Now I'm looking to learn everything I can about my new bike, and how to best maintain, tweak, accessorize, upgrade, and enjoy.
As a new ebike owner, I'm trying to piece together all the necessary information, since what was included was a bit on the lacking side.

Color LCD Users Manual:
http://www.key-display.com/Downloads/User Manual/KD718-K4 users manual-20180521.pdf
(the one single page included w/ my bike was quite pared down, and was missing much of the instructions and information.)
does this have to be covered from the weather when riding in rain?  is it weatherproof?

Quick Tips:
press and hold (i) to turn on/off the display.
press and hold both the + & - to enter settings.

Admin Settings: (p/w 1515)
I'm too scared to change most of these until I know a lot more, any information anyone has on any of these and what our controller and motor support, please share!
I did tweak the PAS levels and power % to better match my weight and the hilly terrain of our town.
I'll likely bump up the max speed limit when riding the trans bc rail grade trails later this year, but keep it down when riding to work in town.

Brake Light & Horn?
As far as I can tell there isn't an extra lead on this controller to hook in headlights, automatic brake triggered brake lights, and a horn.
Are you able to use a splitter on any of the cables to add those, or would that require a controller upgrade?  seems like it would be nice to include a controller with those options and a plugged extra lead even if you don't sell those on the bike.  basic safety stuff for road riding.

Throttle Only Mode?
I couldn't find a way to enable a throttle only mode.  Anyone have any tips?

Battery Care:
Best practice: turn off display, power off battery, plug in charger, plug charger into wall, when done charging (green light) unplug from wall, unplug from battery, when ready to start turn on battery, turn on display, when done turn off display turn off battery.
Anyone have any tips for best battery life?  Should I charge it every time? let it get low?  Only charge when it gets below x%?  Don't let it get too hot or cold?
There is a lock on the battery, why doesn't the battery cover use the same key to open instead of that screw/knob?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
Are those rubber plugs durable?  I wish they included a few spares, or even better made these work like outdoor spring loaded wall socket covers.  c'est la vie.

Tire Pressure?
I know this is dependant on weight and terrain, any tips?
for the road 25psi in the rear and 20 in the front seems plenty high even at my heavier weight.
i'm sure i'd want much less off road or in the snow, isn't that the point of the fat tire?

Rack & Bags?
Any recommendations for strong racks and weatherproof bags?

Mud Guards?
Any recommendations for mud guards?

Motor Specs?
Anyone know where I can find out more information about this motor besides 750w.
I'd love to know the full specs and what the setting ranges it can handle are so I can properly adjust things if needed.

Controller Specs?
Anyone know the controller part number and where I can find info and specs?

Any tips for resources for learning about ebike electronics?

I think that is it for now, I look forward to hearing from other users and sharing knowledge.  Thanks!  👍

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