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Joshua Jarman

New Sondors XS Owner in BC Canada

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Just purchased a new Sondors XS after having wanted one forever.

These fat tire bikes are beasts, I'm still getting used to a bike of this heft coming from a regular bike.

I'm looking forward to getting a rack and bags for mine, and lights and a few accessories.



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Helo, I too just bought an XS and flat love it!  Also shopping for accessories finding that difficult due to the lack of specs for the five inch wheels.  Will post items that work out for the XS.  WE are wintering in Tucson Az. this year and loving our XS and Step Sondors.........happy trails!

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There are literally a hundred recommendations  here for accessories that fit the XS, because all other models of the Original Fat and the XS, use MOSTLY, the same upgrades and accessories. I was under the impression that the XS uses the Same; 26 x 84mm wheels and 26 X 4.9 Chaoyang tire as other Sondors Fat models.  What does it say on your tires’ sidewall? This forum is vast and mostly underused by those looking for information.                                                                                                     Simply look in https://sondorsforum.com/forum/6-sondors-ebike-accessories/

As far as getting help with the problems and replacement parts from the Sondors Company, it relies almost exclusively on the Facebook Group.                             You need to go to the Sondors Storm Owners Group on Facebook.  Once there ask to join.  Once inside, there is a link to a support form that you can use to get to Sondors tech support. While in the Group,  I  suggest opening up a thread and asking the community for help on this as well.  That will trigger folks' to tag the Sondors support reps who frequent that group and who are tasked with fast-tracking help in situations like yours - assuming they do not see your post themselves and contact you directly.





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