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    • By Shocker
      Our Fold X has arrived, and I was able to assemble it myself tonight.  Not sure if I have enough time to test ride it before my flight tomorrow, but I was able to test it using the throttle with the rear wheel propped off the ground.  Meanwhile, I am not able to find any tire pressure info with my search in this forum.  The side wall says 20 PSI.
    • By J-Rockit
      Nuts for Front Tire
      So I'm pretty sure I didn't get any nuts to attach the front tire to the fork. At first I thought those little bit of metal on the spiral cylinder were for that but I couldn't remove them to save the life of me, and I noticed that the video looked like those stayed and some other capped nuts were attached from the outside.
      Where did you get you nuts for your front tire?
    • By bobbydude
      New batch of SOndors April 2017
      Hey everyone. I'm a pro surfer from southern california, and am ready to get a fat tire condors bike for a few surf spots that have a long commute via trail. 
      Although Sondors is sold out of the bike I want, it says they will be available for pre-order in April of 2017, which it now is. Does anyone know anything more about when and if they will be newer models or the same?
      I also am wondering if I should get an aluminum frame or steel? My bike will be ridden on the beach so it will be in salty beach air and want to avoid rust but don't want to lose strength in the frame.
    • By LocalGuyTX
      Tougher Tires/Tubes for Thin?
      Anybody upgrade tires and/or tubes on the Thin model? Used Goop? 
      Original tires are wearing very slowly, which is nice. ?
      Thanks for any related info. 
    • By klaats
      Does anyone have a phone number for Sondors? 
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