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Tyler Roberts

My sondors thin while coasting downhill is it won't go over 20

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I feel like the bikes restricted I guess it's just hard to ride unless it has power and then like if you're cruising around like just like going down a hill it keeps you at 20 miles an hour it feels restricted it's supposed to be like this

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the power assist cuts out at a set speed, which is due to legal restrictions. I can outpedal the power assist downhill and on the flat if I'm feeling fit. 

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All Sondors eBike’s controllers are speed limited from the manufacture to approx 20mph (32kph) including the Thin Model.  You can remove the speed limiting setting within the LCD’s Programing Settings, for off road use.  The resistance you feel is the lack of motor assist (PAS)

See: https://sondorsforum.com/forum/5-instructions/

But Connecticut laws limit an eBike’s Speed to 20mph. 




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