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Mathias Zettler

Help! Opening bottom bracket?

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I have tried to open the bottom bracket from a Sondors Fold with my octalink-tool but nothing happens.
I am not sure in which rotation direction the bracket opens (clockwise or clounter-clockwise)?


In the meanwhile I already sprayed oil on the bracket, but still no movement.
Does anybody know in which direction the bottom bracket opens?


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Hello @Mathias Zettler. This video best describes the procedure but you don’t disassemble the Bottom Bracket, it’s replaced as a unit. If your Bottom Bracket seems rough, the first procedure is to Loosen the Bottom Bracket, non drive side retainer a bit and see if tightness has cause binding on the BB bearings and if they now run smooth. Never use oil on the BB  because that might wash or reduce the viscosity of the grease in the bearings. Since the BB receives the greatest pressures and torque, oil cannot effectively lubricate it. 


Hope this helps 



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Thanks for the reply @Reddy Kilowatt

Yes, I want to replace to whole unit, but I don't get it out. I have replaced (non Sondors) bottom brackets before and I know some french and some german vendors use counter clockwise screw threads at one side.
I have sprayed oil because the retainer is rusty. My next try will be with much strength. Therefore I need the right direction of rotation. Maybe someone knows it for the Sondors Fold?

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The correct rotations are mentioned in the video. Im pretty sure that all modern bicycle manufactures have standardized this practice especially the Chinese. But you could check at Sheldon Brown’s interweb site to see if there are any that don’t and still use an antiquated practice. The reason for the two different directions  of retainer rotation is not happenstance, or country specific but configured so the regular rotation of the crank will only tighten the retainers, not loosen them. Same for Pedals & Freewheels. 

Id suggest this product for rusted fasteners or Liquid Wrench.  Then light taps on the BB tool, with a light hammer, until some movement  is detected.  https://tinyurl.com/Use-Free-All




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