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Bike too small?

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you know how the description says the bike fits most  people.   well, I'm 6' tall and it didn't fit me.   so the solution is to buy a bent seat post. they sell them on Amazon.

Also, dunno if any of you have this issue, but my pedals spin when I walk the bike. This is a problem because the bike will take off on you if you don't turn the power off.   I  asked Sondors what was wrong and they told me to turn the power off.    Well, if you want this fixed, the solution is new bearings in the bottom bracket.

you can get those on Amazon too.

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@saxmanBike Fit is always a personal issue.   https://youtu.be/1VYhyppWTDc  I’ve never had a bike that didn’t need to be adjusted to fit me. What you’re referring to is a “Set Back Seat Post” and a lot of that setback might be adjusted with a saddle with longer rails, if your pedaling position has not already been determined.  I think a new saddle is the most common first addition that owners make to personalize their bikes. Because my torso is long compared to average, for my height, I’ve always have to extend my stem for proper reach.  A shorter stem might be a better solution for you than a bar with more rearward sweep. I’m surprised you didn’t mention seatpost height since I’m 6’ and had to install a longer 400mm seatopst to achieve the correct leg extension while pedaling.  https://www.cyclingabout.com/seatposts-overlooked-yet-critical-for-cycling-comfort/   I might suggest going to a competent LBS (Local Bike Shop) and most will use a fit kit on you for free (we did at mine) to help you calculate the correct dimensions for various adjustments for your Bike.  I bought this complement of replacements 


Owners should never walk their bike with the power on.  Even if your leg accidentally hits a pedal, your bike can take off.  Best Practice is to turn power off before dismounting. The only caveat is if you’ve enabled the Walk Mode, one of the option parameters in the LCD.  Even then, dismount, holding the appropriate side brake lever.  The reason the crank turns when walking the bike, most commonly is because the chain tension needs to be adjusted and the tension is too tight. If you had binding bearings in the Bottom Bracket, the crank would have resistance to turning not turning freely because the rear wheel is turning.  To check for a binding Bottom Bracket, remove chain from the chain ring to rotate the crank and check for roughness. If any is detected, first course of action is to adjust the Bottom Bracket retainer. This has been addressed here before and has resolved suspected bad bearing issuses. If it’s determined that bad bearings are present, they’re not really replaceable, you replace the whole Bottom Bracket. Sondors has replaced those Bottom Brackets, even past the warranty period. Because Bottom Brackets are one of the components that experience the most stress and wear, I keep a spare in my parts inventory, just like tubes, tires and a chain. But after 11,300 + miles (I didn’t look at total mileage yesterday) my B.B. still feels fine. I’ve got to add that my Sondors is an incredibly reliable and bulletproof Daily Driver. When it gets above freezing today I’ll go ride to  lunch. ))  Saxman don’t forget to add pictures of your Sondors to our Forum Gallery.





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Well, I’m an European 6‘ er, too - or to tell it metric dimensions: 182cm height. My Sondors X is barely fitting ... it works, but 2-3cm longer would be good. My solution was to use a Thudbuster Cane Creek seatpost in combination with an Ergolux 610 seat. At the end I’ve got my 3 cm (even more) and it feels like riding a fully, too.


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