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Reddy Kilowatt

Sondors KD718 Color LCD

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http://www.key-display.com/Downloads/User Manual/KD718-K4 users manual-20180521.pdf

 A note on this manual:

While this is the manufacturers manual for this display, it’s based on the standard stock firmware and protocol. SONDORS display has a custom configurations. There are some aspect of this display will not match with what’s stated in this document.




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Thanks Reddy and Andi,  extremely useful. Now all I need is the admin password for the XS. I get my correct upgrade kit (color LCD and 25A controller) for my X this week. This manual will be applicable to that as well since they are identical LCDs. I hope the admin password that Charlie passed on (1665) will give me access to the X upgrade LCD.

Interestingly, the PAS settings for the XS LCD seem different than for the upgrade kit. That PAS settings for the XS are very close to what I would set them (from the power meter, I am estimate 1-15%, 2-30%, 3-50%, 4-70%, 5-95%). The X upgrade color LCD (during the short time I had the wrong single speed one) seemed to have started at around 1-40%. I'll update this forum when I get my upgrade kit and XS password.

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