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Storing below freezing

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Shouldn't be damaged at all,  just follow these precautions:  I’d lube the chain, more to protect it from rusting (changes in temperature effects humidity and moisture can form on the bare metal). Cover you bike with an old/new  sheet, or you can buy a small motorcycle cover for pretty cheap. That will help keep moisture from condensing on the whole bike.  I got mine at Overstocked.com.  In my aircraft hangar I keep a small circulating fan, oscillating, to keep air moving, that also inhibits condensation. It’s always best to store Li ion battery packs, inside your house, not in freezing temps for long periods, charged at 50% charge. For 36v batteries that’s about 36volts. (42V is 100% & never below 31.3V is 11%). For 48V batteries that’s about 46.8volts (54.6V is 100% & never below 40.7V is 11%).  





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