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Had not seen an email from Sondors of that offer. There are three very different batteries for the bikes, from Sondors.  If your asking about comparing it to any other batteries available in the market, that coveres a large spectrum of batteries, in size, mounting options, voltages and amp hours. I doubt weight is really a consideration for most. You need to quantify your query with what bike you own, how you'll be using it (distance, speed and frequency of use). If you are speaking of the original 36v 8.8ah canister battery and you are going to ride 20 miles a day, for 200 bucks it will make a fine backup to carry with you, if your satisfied with original performance. Remember that fully charging any Li-Ion battery will reduce its lifespan and charge to 80% to maximize longevity.  Keep in mind that although it may, MAY,  use Sanyo or Panasonic cells, they are low on the density capacity spectrum, about the most inexpensive of batteries put in our size canisters. That being said, most that purchase new batteries on this forum go for higher capacity, voltage and Ah to upgrade performance. If that is your goal, save your money for a more expensive and better option. Read Here: 


if it's for the thin, I don't know of any alternatives that fit in the triangle but a 52v 13.5ah rack battery would be my choice for an add on.  


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16 hours ago, Tabletteer said:

"Remember that fully charging any Li-Ion battery will reduce its lifespan and charge to 80% to maximize longevity.  

Do most people do this? I'm curious how much effect this has in the long term. Charging my thin battery takes 2-3 hours and I often forget about it until bedtime when I remember to unplug it - not sure how to time it for 80% charge if that's a big factor to be looking out for.

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Follow the herd? It doesn't matter what most people do. What's important is making informed decisions. 


"I have customers charging with 2A chargers and with timers. They've sorted the charge rate and timing close enough to be able to take a multimeter reading and set their timer and get within a few tenths of a volt to the target. A 36v battery is 10 cells in series or 10s. There's a fairly good chart posted. They target 4-4.1v , or 40-41v as the goal, 80-90%". 


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Referring to the New Sondors Thin model; the battery for the this model is design specifically for this bike, and there are no alternatives on the market that fit in that batter cradle at this time. Presently; if you looking for another battery that fits into the battery box like the original, you're stuck with Sondors. The battery box, at 3 inches wide (outside width) on the Thin is narrow, which is in keeping with the name of the model.  The Sondors Fat model has a outside box measure of 4.5 inches. The high watt hour after market batteries alternatives that fit in the Sondors fat bike are much wider, as those batteries will fit almost snugly in the Sondors Fat model. Even the canister battery that comes equipped on the Sonders Fat model is wider than the Thins' battery box. Simply; the Thin's box is packed! There isn't room for more!

Presently: I placed an ordered through Sondeors, for two more batteries for my ""Sondors Thin". 

Futuristic: I would like to have a high density 48 volt alternative, that snaps into the Thin's cradle as well as the present OEM battery.

Below is showing the three batteries I have presently: The blue triangle battery replaces the original canister battery that was equipped on my Sondors fatbike. The blue battery is rated at 44.4v, 22.2 Ah, which is about 1 kilowatt-hour of riding excitement! ? The black battery; is my Sonders 'Thin" bike battery. Maybe these pictures will show the challenge ahead for us Sondor Thin modders.






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