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John Casey

Got two Fold X for me and my wife

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Wow are these ever fun. We are in San Diego and have ridden around Fiesta Island several times and recently rode to Seaport Village. No headwind problems with these bikes. My wife is onlky 5'1" so her legs pump pretty high when her seat is adjusted to just balancing on her toes. We traded out the seats for a Gel seat that allows more rear placement of the seat so you don't feel like you are going to slide off the back. Has anyone changed out the fron sprocket so when you are on high level and gear 7 you don't spin wildly? Now we want to get lights so we can ride at night. We can fold these up and carry them in the back of our Ford Flex. We are driving to our daughters house in San Rafael for Xmas and will be riding on those great fire trail roads.

Nancie at CLevel.jpg

Both Fold X Bikes.jpg

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John, there are plenty of post on Fold modifications here on the forum. Just use the search function that is top right, in the header and search Fold. 

Don't forget to add pictures of your adventures to the “Gallery”. Pictures in the open  forum kinda get lost unless they’re in the album dedicated to them.

Ride On !


                                    Happy Holidays 



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