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Bogdan Ciuhu

Lights - controller troubleshooting

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Hi. I have a KT 36V zwsr 15 amp controller with a LCD5 display. On the display I have the back light/lights function and on the controller I have two pairs of 36V red/black wires that I assume are for the lights. I purchased a 36V Busch&Muller headlight and rear light. However the lights are not connected to the on/off function of the display and these two pairs of wires are always power on even if the display is off. Basically, I put the lights on/off from the headlight button.  Although the controller and the display are compatible, I cannot find the "combination" to make the lights on/off from the display. My question is, does not my controller support this function? Is any pair of wires that i should link to the display or other wires in the controller to go to the lights? If not, what controller do you recommend me? (well, there are three questions :) )

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@Bogdan Ciuhu.  You didn’t identify which Sondors eBike model you have. After the LCD is powered on, pressing the up arrow key and holding for a few seconds should turn on the LCD back light and front/rear lights, if you have a compatable controller & a compatable front and back light set with the Higo connector .  The only black and red wires coming out of the controller are power,  + & - leads, that go to the battery. All other wires are black cables containing various combinations of wires with different colored Higo connectors. The extra unused Higo connector is for connecting the lights. This is the only one we know that is configured to work with a Sondors avalable from a few vendors. 






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@Vasiliy RW, what Sondors do you own ?

Seems like over kill to buy a kit meant for a non motorized bike, or is the Controller and LCD in that kit like the ones you bought?

At Aliexpress, we usually recommend Pasionebike https://pasionebike.ru.aliexpress.com/store/group/SONDORS/1088910_509413488.html?spm=2114.12010608.0.0.cuSgNG  who carry a whole complement of Sondors Upgrades. 




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