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AirShocks: Adjusting sag and rebound?

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During the last days I’ve made some troubleshootings on my SONDORS  X. Within such a repair session I installed my SONDORS X - AirShocks. For I’m usually cycling cross-country, the old fork causes too much back and neck pain ... 🤕

I’ve just made some cycling tests and the default factory setting is definitely too soft. How do I (re)adjust sag and rebound 

I think I need an air pump, and I’ve to remove the left (silver) covering cap? 

Which shockpump is well suited? Are there special valves build in?

Any instructions, experiences, advices from anyone here?

Thanks, George-X

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Well, after some “research” I’ll answer myself:

1) The SONDORS AirShocks are delivered (quite usual and normal) with Schrader valves (the ones you’ll find on car tires, too).

2) Their travel is 80mm (not so much, but enough)

3) I’ve got good results with a negative travel (sag) of approximately 25%, which means 20mm. This depends a little bit from the tire pressure. At the moment I’ll drive my Sondors X with (quite low) 10-12 psi, cause it’s rainy weather with much mud, sand and other porous substrate.

4) With my weight of 75kg, this leads to a pressure in the AirShocks of about 90 psi.

5) The rebound (red cap on the right side of the SONDORS Air Shocks) has 9 positions to lock and I’ll use level 3 or 4  (1=completely loose / 9=completely fixed).

6) The silver closing cap above the valve (on the left side of the AirShocks) might be stuck. I needed a rubberized pipe wrench to untwist the cap for the first time.

I don’t know if there is a linear relation between (body) weight and the pressure in the AirShocks. You’ll still have to try and error, therefore the numbers above are only a first advice.

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I run about 90 psi in my Luna Landers. I just adjust the regulator on my compressor to 90,  and fill the forks till air stops going in.

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I have to fill „by hand“ - using a „Topeak Joe Blow Sport III“. The graduated disk could be a little bigger, but all in all a very valuable air pump.

How often do you have to pump up your Luna Landers?

I’m not quite sure if my AirShocks are perfectly airtight ... they lost quite much pressure during the last seven days (~ 10 psi). But may be temperture differences are the main reason. Adjusted the pressure at higher temperatures, measured today and it was quite cold.


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