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New color LCD screen for SONDORS XS

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I purchased a new Sondors XS when it was first released (still don’t have it, end December I’m told).  Also purchased a recently promoted LCD/controller upgrade for my existing Sondors X. Questions:

1) are they the same LCD?

2) what model of LCD are they?

3) please send the link to the user manual

I am eager to reconfigure the settings as soon as I get these so having this info on hand will help me.



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So i have a related question..... Apparently sonders is selling some Color LCD display  for older FOLD X it also comes with a bigger 25A controller. 

Does anyone have any experience with these, sounds tempting, but worry about excessive battery drain when offroad. Also if they going to change 250 or so for the kit it sure as heck have a way to bypass the 20mph speed limit function.

Other than a kind of useless color display that just eats up more power think other folks offer aftermarket lcd and 25a control that not only give more power but also do away with silly speed limiter. 

Does anyone use one of the aftermarket kits I mention or have any experience with this new color lcd +control  kit for foldx?




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