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AWD P & C settings for KT LCD3

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Just in case there are more people (lurking on here) past @MattRobertson and @Houshmound with AWD bikes, or perhaps someone who may previously had a AWD bike.  What P and C settings are you running?  Both front and back the same, or can you explain ya thinking between why you changed things up a bit, or... Have you tinkered with this and concluded ??? 

Keen to learn from others experiences here please

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Nothing special... Really its about your own preferences.  I go for speed.  My bike is geared to be able to pedal along at 32 mph and I ride at PAS5/PAS5 continuously, with C14 set to boost my PAS signal, so if I am pedaling, I accelerate harder than if I use throttle... assuming I leave C5=10/C5=10.    However over time I have found that if I am running full-blast PAS at all times that acceleration with two motors so strong can be dangerous.  So as much as I like to be pinned back into the seat, I have set both motors to C5=0 - the full strength slow-start.  Note there are two other levels of lesser slow-start in C5=1 and C5=2.  Undocumented on the KT-LCD3 but in the KT-LCD8H manual and functional on the older LCD3.

Even with slow-start on both motors (and I have tried it to lesser degrees before settling on the full on slow for both) acceleration is strong.  remember C5=0 leaves you with full wattage.  So acceleration is still strong... Its just not sudden which I find to be a lot smarter in traffic.

On the other side of the coin, Houshmand goes for range.  He uses C5=4 rear and C5=3 front.  Also his front motor is a 25a/48v whereas mine is 52v and 35a on both.  

Experiment.  But I'd suggest starting slow regardless.  Even the lowest power levels will feel like a lot at first.

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