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What Are The Pros & Cons Of These 2 Battery Systems?

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Hi all,
This doesn't have to do with a Sondors product, but I have a quad with electric assist from a company called ZZ Merck on order. I've been waiting for a long time for this quad to be shipped. It's been delayed for months now, and hopefully it'll finally ship soon. 
However, it seems ZZ Merck has changed the battery system for that quad, and the above listing shows it has a 48v 14.5Ah lithium battery with Panasonic cells. 
The batteries we came to a decision on for my quad, and that are listed on my Invoice, should be the batteries this other quad comes with: https://www.zzmerck.com/products/recumbenttrike/2017-10-12/400.html
Those are the 2 batteries with reflectors attached under the rear rack, which you can see in the last photo. They are 48v 20Ah lithium batteries, so the total should be 40 amp hours in that setup. I'm assuming they aren't made by Panasonic, although I don't know what company makes them.
What are the pros and cons of each of these battery setups? 
Obviously 14.5 Ah is a lot less than 40 Ah, but the smaller battery has Panasonic cells, which I understand are very good.
I'm wondering if I should go with the 40 Ah battery setup I originally signed up for, and that we agreed to, or if I should ask ZZ Merck for 2-3 of the smaller Panasonic batteries, and swap them out as needed, since the design for my quad seems to have changed. 
I also need to clarify the difference in the rear racks, other than that the second one holds the 2 batteries underneath it. The rear rack on the skinny tire quad seems like it may be lighter (and it doesn't show a bag, which is also in my Invoice), but I'm not sure of the differences just going by the photos.
What are your thoughts?


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None of your links work.

Looking at their site, looks like their 'quads' are Surrey bikes, with one neat-looking 4wd fat tire quad (as in four powered wheels) for a princely sum.  I'd hope very much they have perfected their driveshaft system to run with decent power.  The motor they show in the pictures is a 3000w Cyclone and they are advertising a 500w mid drive.

As for pros and cons, generally: Bigger = more range.  But also more weight.  For a single-person ride, even if its a quad, 40ah is colossal.  And colossally heavy.  14.5ah is typical for a bike.   Probably too small.  Beyond that, battery choice is a complex subject.  Just stating 'Panasonic cells' doesn't mean a whole lot other than they are less likely to explode or wear out quickly.  But only if the builder knows what they are doing. 

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