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Ralf Honsberg

Bremsklötze in Deutschland kaufen (Buy brake pad in germany)

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Hallo, weiß jemand wo ich Bremsklötze für das Fold X in Deutschland kaufen kann? Sind welche von einem bestimmten Hersteller kompatibel mit den Bremsen vom Fold-x (BJ 2018)?

Hello, does anyone know where I can buy brake pads for the Fold-X in Germany? Are any from a specific manufacturer compatible with Fold-x brakes (build 2018)?

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I buy a lot of stuff from Rose Bikes.  Especially my brake and drivetrain parts.  I just bought four sets of brake pads for my Magura brakes and buying in that quantity offsets the shipping cost from Germany so I am still saving a lot.



The pads are the same as Shimano pads so you actually have quite a large variety of suppliers to choose from.

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I’m assuming you probably ordered pads last week but for future reference, this is where I bought pads for the 4 bikes I had with Tektros. I won’t run out of pads for 3 of them any time soon. Like Matt, I bought my Magura 4 Piston MT-5 Brake set in Germany. The Tektro pads are a fraction of the price of the Magura pads. You can buy a couple of dozen, or so pair, of pads here for less than the price of a Schintzel dinner, it just take a month to get’em. Stock up. My routine was to forget about adjustments at the cable clincher bolt after the cables had stretched. The first adjustment or two, I’d just use the barrel adjusters (checking the back stationary caliper adjustment for clearance) then when the brakes were pretty worn (60%) I’d just return the barrel adjusters fully in and pop in new pads they are so cheap. The brakes then require only very slight adjustments on the barrel adjuster if any. 






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