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Question about the throttle and power of the Fold X

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i want to buy the SONDORS Fold X (EARLY NOVEMBER SHIPPING...). 

I only want to use it for 2 Miles back and forth to my storage unit every weekend to ride my motorcycle. I do not want take the whole car with me because its just a short trip and i live in a community. With the sondors i could ride directly through the fields and i will be at the storage faster. 

I want to use only throttle no pedal, is it possible? And how fast is the acceleration then? Couldn't find a video about that. And do you have to use the pedal all the time or can you relax and use the pedals as footrest?

If it will not work good like that has someone a recommendation for another bike/scooter/whatever?

I like the tires, the overall look and the seat. And i like the option to fold it down and take it to a trail if i want to. But i am looking for a nice fun acceleration even i do not pedal a bit.

Maybe you guys can help me out, i apprectiate it. 

Have a good weekend.

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The stock Fold will go 20mph, throttle only. Acceleration is better than average but I don’t know of any chart or time to distance data.  You don’t have to pedal. You could even align the crank arms in the same orientation so the pedals would be parallel and oriented alike but you couldn’t lock them that way without some mechanical locking  device.    I suggest you search YouTube for “Sondors Fold” to answer questions you don’t know you have yet and see one ridden. 





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