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Henrik Tosti

My fold does not work. And i can not get in contact with Sondors

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I got my Sondors Fold november 2017. The motor is not working. I expect the warranty is still valid, but how can I get my bike repaired? Do I have to send it? Or do you have a local bikeshop that you cooperate with?
I need a quick answer. I live in Denmark and got the bike from the Holland store.
I think it is strange, that the customers have to fix the problems them selfes...I got this bike and now it does not work. The seller has to fix it. Not me or some random dude, that think he knows it all.

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Hi Henrik, 

Andi here. Please write me a PM with all details.

  • What exactly is not working? Any error codes or anything similar?
  • Where did you bought it? SONDORS does not have a store in holland. 
  • Your Order Number if you have any
  • e-Mail address
  • anything else you might think is useful


I'm sure we can fastly get you back on track. 


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I live outside USA and I had problems with my fold too.

The staff and the Sondor service was VERY helpfull, they help me find the real problem and sent me the part to replace the defective ones.

It was easy to change with a screwdriver and an hours of my time.

Sondors offer such low prices... even competitive (in price) with the chinese ebike and I would not expect any services from china's seller...

I was very glad to see Sondors care about aftersales service that much. They don't make a lot of money by bike. If you buy in a shop, they will change the part for you, but the price is at least two time higher! 

I guess your problem is solved by now! 

I just wanted to share my experience with Sondors customers service, it's great! Sure, they don't take back the bike oversea to fix it for you, but they are dedicated to make sure every bike will be a "good adventure". 

Thanks for your support Sondors,

Despite two part problems, my Sondors adventure is AWESOME!

Marc-Olivier Malépart

Edited by Marc-Olivier Malépart

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