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Leonard Bukowski

Help with Battery Choice Upgrade for SONDORS X

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Hello, Is there really a noticeable difference if I put a 52V battery in my 2018 SONDORS X 7 speed 750W and 35A controller? I will be upgrading the SONDORS X7 and putting a 35A controller + 750W Motor, the bike currently has the 48V stock battery. I’m looking for more low end torque , easier hill climbing and high end speed of possiblely 28 plus mph. I was going to put the LX52 battery in the bike but Do I really need it to get the results I listed ? I am under 180lbs. Thoughts and Suggestions...

Thank you

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Yes, about 10% more  power; Speed/Top End , Torque/Acceleration with the 52v (actually 58.8volts at full charge) over the 48v of comperable Ah. It you want more range, also, buy a Luna 52v Triangle Battery with Panasonic 18650GA High Power / Long Range cells with the highest cell density @ 3500mah. 

I’m not sure of which cells or the cell mah capacity is on the Electrobikeworld LX52 pack. I do have both the Luna listed below and the EBW L3 and the Luna is superior. 


Read the benefits of the 52volts.




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