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After upgrading the front crankset, rear freewheel, (53/17 final gear ratio), chain,  LT48 battery, 20-amp controller and display the bike was a beast. Easily commuting to work at 26-27mph and hitting 28-29+ with a bit more effort. The issue was at those speeds in LA traffic I needed the ability to stop fast too. And re-adjusting my brakes every ~2-3 weeks was also getting annoying. The solution was new tires, hydraulic brakes, and Rotors. Here's what I got:


Rotors: Shimano Deore RT66 180mm 6-Bolt Disc Rotor

Brakes: PASION E BIKE MTB Hydraulic Disc Cut Off Power Brake E-Bike (This is basically just a Shimano Hydraulic brake set that's been modified to have the motor cut-off. Make sure to select the right option, in my case it was the second one from the left as my controller has the 2-pin (red) motor cut-off).

Rotor Spacer: Shimano F180P/P2 Disc brake adapter

Hose Wire Clip Clamps: Jiyaru Bicycle Cable Guide Brake Line Holder Hose Wire Clips Clamps (To route the hydraulic hose by attaching these to the existing closed cable lines).

Tires: Schwalbe Marathon Plus HS 348 Road Bike Tire


This thing stops like a beast now and with the extra traction from these tires this is a nice safety upgrade. Should reduce the changes of flats too as these tires have built-in tire-liners essentially. So far really happy with the upgrade. :)

I hope this helps somebody out!







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This is very helpful to me as I am experiencing dangerously bad brakes on my Sondors Thin. I am having to be like Barney Rubble on the Flintstones to stop at intersections and barely making it. I have ordered everything here except the tire for now; as mine are still good. The only thing is I got one disc instead of two, so I ordered another one. That won't arrive until February 4 for some reason. I am also considering the upgrades mentioned here for the battery and rear motor. I'll have to really get what I need to do that. The brakes are priority number one now.

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I’d suggest your brakes’  discs and pads are badly contaminated and you need to take your Sondors Thin, to a competent LBS (Local Bike Shop) for service. I’ve found the Sondors Tektro Mechanical Disc brakes, when properly adjusted and maintained, wholly adequate and perform admirably, especially on the light weight Sondors Thin. They even did so when hauling 50# of Dog Food on my heavy, 2015 Sondors Original Fat, which used your exact same Tektro. 
The main advantages of Hydraulic Disc Brakes are; they are self adjusting, have better tactile modulation, at the levers, and with the addition of larger Rotors, offer more stopping power.  
Just make sure, after upgrading your brakes, that you properly maintain them because they will be no more effective than your present Tektros if you don’t.
I’d also suggest reviewing YouTube videos on Bicycle Disc Brake Maintenance, especially videos on Bicycle Brake Disc Contamination. 
That being said, upgrading to hydraulics is a common and rewarding upgrade, just be prepared for the more involved maintenance requirements of hydraulics and necessary Maintenance Kit and specialized tool requirement. 

The only Battery Upgrade for a Thin, that fits in the battery box triangle, if you presently have the 36V, is the Sondors 48V Thin Battery.  The L48 battery does not fit and Chad reverted to removing the original Sondors Battery Triangle Battery Box, and using a canvas triangle battery bag.  No After market batteries have been found, so far, to fit in the Sondors Triangle Battery Box. 


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I will have to take a look at that info on the brake maintenance, but I took the brakes off and apart a few times as well as many adjustments and nothing doing either way. I also though the pads may be wore out because of the sound the brakes have been making recently that didn’t before. I am comfortable with the new brake purchase and like the idea of a hydraulic brake. I will probably do exactly as the post does for a battery upgrade. I have the original and two of the upgrade battery’s from Sondors. I never get more than 20 miles distance out of either on a full charge and my speed gets only as high as 18 mph with the wind. I wish I had the Sondors Thin with the many speeds on it now. Thanks for sharing.

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I was mistaken about the L48 Battery. Lindsey Electro Bike World does recommend it will fit the Thin.  
It was the 52V, L3, that I was remembering, but recalled Chad had ended upgrading to it in his September 2018 final edition.  It’s the exact 52V battery I use in my Electric White Lightning, my highly modified Sondors 2016 2nd Generation Custom Narrow. My Bad.

Don’t forget to chime back in after you complete your upgrades and add pictures of your Thin to our Gallery where Thin’s are poorly represented. 



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On 1/10/2021 at 10:41 AM, Paul Murphy said:

This is very helpful to me as I am experiencing dangerously bad brakes on my Sondors Thin. I am having to be like Barney Rubble on the Flintstones to stop at intersections and barely making it. I have ordered everything here except the tire for now; as mine are still good. The only thing is I got one disc instead of two, so I ordered another one. That won't arrive until February 4 for some reason. I am also considering the upgrades mentioned here for the battery and rear motor. I'll have to really get what I need to do that. The brakes are priority number one now.


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Sorry but your posts seem to be incomplete. If you are adding pictures you can’t copy & paste them but use the attachment options on the bottom of the text pane. If your referring to the picture of Chad’s Thin with the suspension fork, in the link I supplied, yes that was a later post from Chad. The picture above the picture of his Thin, just illustrates the bag necessary to use the L3 - 52v battery but that bike is not a Sondors.


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I have this kind of bracket on my front forks. I come to find that I had three different brackets sent with the pertaining parts. This one fit, but only after figuring it out. The one bracket I received just didn’t work at all for my setup. Just waiting on the rear disc to arrive by February 4 and I can do my rear brake. The front one works marvelously now.


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That’s a disc brake adapter and it can be confusing because of the two common mounting systems. International Standard; I. S. & Post, along with different adapters for various sized disc.  
Disc brake adapters are a black hole of weird standards.  Let’s stick to the 3 most popular ones so we don’t go crazy and reach for the Mezcal.  I.S., aka International Standard is for better or worse, the current brake mounting standard for bicycle frames. It’s featured on the most bikes, and when most folks think: disc brake adapter, some sort of I.S. adaptor is what they think about. Confusingly, most disc brakes themselves are post mount. You need an adaptor to get the two to play together. I.S. brakes more or less don’t exist. Just Post mount and Flat mount.



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Yea, there’s twelve types for twelve different adapters. I’m lucky this works. Have to wait for disc two to arrive. It says February 4. I thinks it’s coming from Taiwan or something. I’ll definitely do the battery upgrade as well. Buy one and keep one Sondors battery, sell the other two.

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I came across a difference with my model. I have to use the same brake adapter for each wheel. As seen in the image of my front brake here, my front fork has a different mounting bracket on it. I returned two other adapter I had, and ordering this one again for the rear wheel. Slowly and steadily. It’s the sporadic shipping of items slowly me down. Cable adapters showing up next.


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51B7DF9A-7C51-4782-B639-46CE3890CD95.thumb.jpeg.ee7e71119ac6e8570a62d258332b9cdb.jpegI’ve seen the same problem on my 2015 Sondors Original Fat except on the rear. I use Magura MT-5e’s. The specified rear adapter for my 180mm disc, fit but the pads (4), only wiped 2/3rds of the disc. I ended up modifying the adapter by machining  off some of both posts, to get a precise fit.  I use a 302mm front and 180mm rear disc.

‘I’m pretty sure that Sondors, to minimize different part count and unitize compatibility, used rear frame and front fork mounts that would use the same adapter both front and rear. 
‘This is the same strategy, that the manufacture of my Grumman American Aircraft had done, by using the exact same structures for left & right rear horizontal stabilizers and elevators and, the vertical stabilizer and rudder. The same two unit structures were interchangeable. Over thousands of aircraft, in both manufacturing and repairs it saved a lot of money.   



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      SONDORS X arrived on January 7, 2019. 
      Living in Southwest Florida has made it easy for me to ride every other day.  I am recovering from a bone on bone knee with a  damaged  medial collateral ligament. 
      After a full year of daily PEMF treatments and two Prolotherapy injections, my Prolotherapy  doctor recommended that I start exercising using a bicycle to stimulate the natural lubricant within my recovering knee joint. I started exercising with a standard road bike, but  was not able to “Spin” with minimal effort as instructed.  I own a 2010 electric recumbent trike, but is it is next to impossible to get in and out of a bike several inches off the ground.   I recall seeing the SONDORS advertised several years ago and decided on the SONDORS “X”.  I use the thumb switch to move the Fat Tire “X” up to 16+ miles per hour, then put the bike into 7th  gear and move the pedal assist to  Number 3, this allows me to Spin at the optimal level, without causing stress on my knees.  I started with five minutes the first week and I have added five minutes per week, I am now at 20 minutes, and this technique has allowed me to build muscle riding it every other day. I have been able to move the pedal assist down to number 2, my goal is to ride on  Fort  Myers Beach after I have built enough muscle in my legs. My target for the beach is early March!
      My SONDORS X is a very well-built fat tire bike and has been the perfect platform for my recovery!  I don’t see myself going back to my electric trike or the road bike, the sign on my front lawn, “BIKES FOR SALE”
      Thank you SONDORS!
      P.S., Super easy to accessorize 

    • By DavidN
      I purchased the August 2018 run XS Fat and received in Jan 2019. The admin password for advanced settings is 1515.
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