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ANSWERED 48V battery charger, Fold X - 7 speed

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Hello sondors Forum, I am trying to find out when Sondors will have in stock the 48volt lithium ion battery charger for the Sondors Fold X, 7-speed. The website showed the charger available for 54$ Us, a day or so later the website said out of stock and NOW the website no longer has the 48volt charger page available. Sondors REFUSES to return ANY and ALL email requests for help, so im pleading for help here on the forum. thanks

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sondorsforum.com isn't affiliated with sondors.com and is an independent owners group here to help solve issues with your bike or make upgrades. sondorsforum.com isn't the companies Customer Support, so sondorsforum.com can't help with issues related to orders placed with the company. This is not a complaint board and any issues you have with the company can be directed to their email or their FB page.

We don’t have any insight when Sondors.com will restock any of their parts. 

I’d suggest  you visit https://lunacycle.com/standard-basic-48v-dolphin-bottle-battery-charger/ for a replacment.

Alternately, if you want a better charger with the ability to prolong your battery pack life by the ability to charge at multiple amperage rates, 1 to 5 amps and to 80/90/100 % of pack capacity  voltage. I have 3 of these very robust units. The oldest is 3 years since new and my first 52v Luna battery pack. 


Plus this Dongle https://lunacycle.com/xt60-female-to-barrel-male-plug/



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@jobothehobo this is the exact charger Sondors sells for the 48v systems:


The Luna chargers are nice but they have reliability issues.  I have killed three of them, where the fault is the charger fails to stop charging at the target voltage and keeps going.  A potentially catastrophic problem.  I'm not alone having problems with them.

Depending on how handy you are, you can use an LED power supply and craft your own charger.  These units are essentially the same underlying tech as a Grin Satiator.  A $300 charger.  These units  are Satiators without the fancy user interface (only a potentiometer you adjust with a screwdriver.

You buy the unit, an electrical cord pigtail, a watt meter and a plug end (5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel connector).  You wire it all together, determine the accuracy of your watt meter, then set the charger voltage target and amperage.  These units are potted, weather proof and have MTBF's no less than 70,000 hours... but they are NOT for beginners.  If you aren't handy around electronics then do not attempt.

There are three models that can be used:

  • Mean Hell CLG-150-48A:  Works with 36v and 48v batteries.  150 watt capacity means that at max its a 2.7a charger (54v x 2.7a = 145.8w).  Or if doing an y80% charge you can set it up to 2.9a if you8 are doing an 80% charge on a 48v battery.  This is the lowest cost model.  Mean Time Between Failure is 303,700 hours!  Can charge as low as 1.0 amp.
  • Mean Well HLG-185H-54A: Works for 48v and 52v batteries.  Its 185w rating means it can charge a 52v battery to 100% at 3.1 amps. (58.8v x 3.1a = 182.3w).  A 48v system can be charged to 100% at 3.4 amps.   The 'H' in the model name points to a more robust weather hardening (able to be permanently installed in wet/hazardous areas) MTBF: 192,200 hours.  Can charge as low as about 0.80 amps.
  • Mean Well HLG-320H-54A:  The heavy hitter of the group.  320 watt capacity.   Minimum amperage is about 3a so no 1a trickle charging like the two above, but able to charge a 52v battery to 100% at 5a with capacity to spare.  A good emergency charger where you want to gas up fast at a power plug somewhere on the road.  MTBF is 157,100 hours.  NOTE:  5 amps is too much for a Sondors barrel connector.  Use this charger only for aftermarket batteries with XT60 or Anderson connectors.

The first two units above are frequently available on EBay *cheap* - as in $30 or so - on overstock sales.

I'll be doing a much more extensive writeup on this in a month or so.  Have already discussed it with Andi.  Not giving purchasing links here in part because, again, this is not a safe option  if you don't have a certain level of familiarity with the components involved.


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Aieee... I would look around.  I know there are some out there but since I do not have a Fold I don't keep track.  I bet you find a post from me on this but I can't find one myself right now.  I remember its a fixie crankset so you will end up needing to add a chainring to it as well so the 7 spd will work.

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