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Fold X7 Chainring

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What is the maximum chainring size that can be installed on the Fold X7 without hitting the chainstay?  Anyone upgraded and has a favorite size?   I counted the teeth, and the stock Fold X7  chainring comes with 44 teeth. 

I went out with my son for a ride today, and his borrowed (sister's) Fold X7 was not able to keep up with my 20" wheel mid-drive home build.  He claimed he couldn't pedal faster.  Surely enough, when I swapped my bike with his, I was only able to hit about 20 MPH top speed in 7th gear without using crazy cadence.  Come to think of it, 20 MPH is fine, but I just want to slow down the cadence.  I can't remember this for a fact, but I thought I was able to hit 26 MPH with throttle only when we first got the bike.

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Looks like there might not be anyone has this Fold X modification.  Meanwhile, I am studying the chainstay, and it appears to have some extra clearance for a larger chainring.  I think I will add this modification as one of my winter projects.


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A quick update, but I went the other direction and did a freewheel swap.  I was able to source a 11-30 tooth 7-speed DNP freewheel, but they also had 11-34 that was out of stock.


The swap was straight forward with a freewheel tool.  I did  remove the brake caliber and derailleur and making sure I didn't bend the brake rotor.  The new freewheel seems to have shallower threads, but Sondors had an extra spacer by the hub motor.  The new freewheel was a perfect fit after I removed the spacer.  I only turned the derailleur cable adjustment nut less than 1 turn to get the chain aligned perfectly.


It is a good thing that I didn't go 11-34, as it seems the derailleur is  fairly close to the limit without using a longer chain.


Did a quick test at 24 MPH, and the pedal cadence was good.  I think I will leave it for now.

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