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Matt Willett

Bike Powers Off When Hitting Bumps

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I have a Sondors Original and upgraded to the Electrobikeworld LCD and 25 watt controller, and have rode plenty of miles with no issues. Just this week I have been having issues where I will ride fine for awhile but as soon as I hit a bump it shuts off the LCD and thumb throttle killing all power. If I jogged the battery and controller compartment a bit it powers back up briefly but then shuts off once I hit even the smallest bump. I took the controller out and checked the wires to see if any were loose but everything seemed fine.  


One thing however ever is that when I made the upgrades I had to remove the lock that holds the battery fully securely in the cage because I do not have the keys so maybe the battery isn't fully in tact to the 2 prongs that it connects to at the bottom of the cage, and that is the reason it keeps shutting off power?  Any ideas on how to secure it better without having that lock?

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