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Battery Shipping to Europe

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I tried to order a 48V battery for my fold. Unfortunately, this is not possible. Consultation with Sondors showed that they currently have no possibility to ship batteries separately to europe. Does anyone have an idea how else to get a new, suitable battery for Germany?

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Hi sneakyPete,

I don't have a problem with my battery. Would like an additional one for tours with more than 1000 hm in our low mountain range. According to Sondors they have no possibility to send single batteries to Europe at the moment. You can only subscribe to a mailing list and then hope that at some point it will work.
Many greetings WtR

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Hello there,

Sondors ist still not capable of shipping batteries to Europe. However, on my quest searching for a German vendor, I found this company:


The bottle battery they sell does fit into my 1st Generation IGG Sondors. They also sell via eBay.

I've also contacted Luna Cycles. They said that they also do send batteries overseas, but the shipping charges to Europe are quite expensive.

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Sorry I missed this post when it arrived.... I ride a lot. I thought I had remembered Lindsey, of Electrobikeworld.com stating in a post on the forum, that they shipped to Europe.

Nick replied to my inquiry  “Hello Reddy, Yes we can ship batteries to Europe including Germany. Of course there will be an additional fee for shipping anywhere outside of the USA. If you would like a shipping quote, please reply to this email and give us an address and the battery you would like to be shipped”.   electrobikeworld@hotmail.com

“Thank you,


Customer Rep”

They carry two 36V Bottle Battery for Sondors Upgrades,  this 10Ah       https://electrobikeworld.com/products/summit-36v-10ah-lithium-battery-replacement

and this 14Ah        


They also feature a 48V -10.5Ah, which offers a higher top speed. 




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