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Hello. I am new to the group. I live in Toronto and I am proud owner of an X , a Thin 7 and have a Fold X on order. Currently we are covered with ice and snow, but spring will be here soon. My plans are to upgrade my bike s and am gathering info and parts.

All three will have upgraded controllers to 25A, aftermarket matching LCDs and new 6 pin throttles, all from     Electro Bike World        www.electrobikeworld.com

I see there is helpful info in this forum. I'll keep people informed



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Finished the Sondors X.   Everything seems to work well.   It needs a few more adjustments.  softer start,  speed limiter etc.

Basically plug and play except for the battery connection, You have to recover the metal, aircraft type connector from the old controller, remove the plug type connectors from the black and red controller leads and connect to black and red wires from the connector to those wires of the same colour. You could solder. I just used Marr connectors and electrical tape.

The controller itself was easy to mount using Velco tape, onto the rear of the enclosure- very secure with lots of room. The pedal assist cable was long enough and didn't require an extension but I did add an extension to the Green, HIGO,  connector cable to the LCD.

It has a good torque increase for hills, a modest speed increase, is a little jumpy in PA-05 or with throttle and uses the battery up much quicker. Best to use low pedal assist and save the extra torque for hills. Good thing the X has a large battery. I might not upgrade my Thin7  just to keep the good range. I have ordered a second, extended range battery for that.  I find my Thin7 ,  with the suspension fork and Thudbuster more comfortable  to ride on paved or hard packed.  The X is like a tank, goes anywhere, powerful, weighs a ton.

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