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Michael Beadman

Best tires for fat bike

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Tire selection is relative to intended use.

My riding is mostly hard pack and pavement with occasional trail and gravel. I bought a fat bike because I liked the utility and looks of the Fat Tires and didn’t want to switch to little tires, especially since reduces circumference reduces top speed.

After a lot of research and comparisons on rolling resistance and tire reviews, I’m very happy with the Vee Tire Mission Command tires on my highly modified Sondor’s Original.  The modified lugs and center section makes for a fast rolling tire with low rolling resistance but still offers off road traction and a quieter ride than the Original Chaoyangs. 

But don’t sell the Chaoyangs short, they are a tough tire, very flat resistant  and although I replaced them when I built new wheels, at over 3,000 mi, I couldn’t wear the Original tires out.  

The new wheel set built on Double Wall  Orgin 8 rims with heavier 12g Sampin spokes,  using  a smaller front tire for more agile steering, with a 26 x 100mm Rim with a  26 x 4.7”Rear Tire and 26 x 80mm Rim with a 26 x 4.0” Front Tire made for, fast precise steering and optimized  tires, on bulletproof rims.   




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Extremely subjective question relative to the use you are putting the bike.

What do you value?  Flat resistance?  Silence?  Origin8 Supercells  in the wire bead 30tpi version wear like iron, are cheap and nearly slick and silent.

I have run both of the above, but not the Vee Tire Co, Mission Command II’s and those are Excelent tires and in the end - being a street commuter who rides daily in all weather - I went back to the Chaoyang 4.9's... except I didn't.  the Chaoyang 4.9's our bikes come with are actually very good mid-duty knobbies that go safely just about everywhere.  However they are pretty thin. 

Chaoyang's EU and North American brand is Arisun, and the Arisun Big Fatty is available and looks exactly like the Big Daddy tires we get on our bikes stock.  HOWEVER, the Arisun version, rather than having a 60tpi folding bead and retailing for around $90-$100, has a wire bead, 30tpi cousin available for under US$50 at JensonUSA.  The wire bead and thread count make for a heavier tire... sure.  But you have an ebike and the motor makes up for a lot of sins. 

I have found 30tpi tires that I would have sneered at as a cyclist on a human powered bike turn out to be ideal on a fast fat ebike where you appreciate the harder wear and increased puncture resistance.  The Big Fattys have proven to be tank treads on a daily-use bike that gets over 30 miles in a day.


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I just rolled 770 miles on my X, since it arrived in early January. My SONDORS X has been a very reliable Fat Tire Bike and an outstanding eBike. I finished putting on a set of Origin8 Supercells 26 X 4.0 Diamond Pattern Road/Smooth Tires. I took them for a 10 mile ride on July 9th. I am a hard surface rider and the Fort Myers area is improving and adding Bike/Walk paths all the time. 

2065491181_OriginalKnobbyTireSONDORSMX750-6a.thumb.jpg.244f222496c55100e81c8c0c7313ce98.jpg 1860709081_DiamondSlickTireSONDORSMX750-2a.thumb.jpg.331ba210295ec82cba58f94f64377f2d.jpg 1206041781_OriginalKnobbyTireSONDORSMX750-8a.thumb.jpg.3f8c32466ffc88eef1d441b078e679f1.jpg 1733611804_OriginalKnobbyTireSONDORSMX750-7.thumb.jpg.738d18f1d245ceffd638fc4cc32d418b.jpg

Several reasons for the Tire Change, the center lugs on the rear tire were going away, I wanted a more quite ride, and I wanted to start increasing my distance and speed. The Supercells 26 X 4.0 did a great job on all counts. I will change back to the Original Knobby set when it's time to hit the Beach.   

1577614349_TireChangeto26x4.0SONDORSMX750-19.jpg.d737e0994a7d2e9f7e1fdcdaf0158174.jpg 869459682_TireChangeto26x4.0SONDORSMX750-18.thumb.jpg.996fc15e65d6cf24e2ab6e62c4010556.jpg

The tire change lowered the bike 1/2", at the axles and decreased the Tire Width by 1/4", but the silence on the hard surfaces is worth it. 

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      Brakes: PASION E BIKE MTB Hydraulic Disc Cut Off Power Brake E-Bike (This is basically just a Shimano Hydraulic brake set that's been modified to have the motor cut-off. Make sure to select the right option, in my case it was the second one from the left as my controller has the 2-pin (red) motor cut-off).
      Rotor Spacer: Shimano F180P/P2 Disc brake adapter
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      Commute to and from work... haul propane gas water & groceries uphill for my dry off grid cabin... Year round... In Alaska.
      Thank you Sondors... Amazing vehicle... Bravo!

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      I have an indegogo fat tire with lcd display and am having charging issues.
       So... After following the exact charging procedure, the green light turns red, as expected, then, approximately 3 hours later, the light turns green, as expected. Attach battery to bike and (not as expected!) There is no charge! Battery is still dead.
      Both of my batteries experience this issue, so I am pretty sure both batteries did not have the same exact thing go wrong on the same exact day within 6 hours of each other! Any ideas?
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