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Fold X 7 Throttle Sensitivity Adjustment

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Last week, I had a chance to ride my daughter's Fold X 7, as the ground still had quite a lot of unmelted snow.  It didn't ride as well on top of the snow as I had hoped, but it is much better than my other bikes for sure.

Anyways, while plowing through the snow packs, I've found her throttle literally is like an on/off switch.  It was nearly impossible to modulate the motor assist level other than mostly on or off.  I've tried different PAS levels, but the behavior didn't change.  Is there an LCD user setting to change this?

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No.  Sorry.  For what its worth my 2016 Original is roughly the same.  And a Bafang fat hub motor I just installed in a new bike is pretty much the same story.  Leads me to believe this is something essentially built into the platform at a level far below anything Sondors can affect.

Here's something you can do:  C5=0 is undocumented but its a setting that allows full wattage to the motor but a 'soft start'.  On very powerful motors (52v especially) it makes for a much safer, lawyer-friendly experience.  With that setting, power rolls on slowly.  Its safer and once you get used to it allows a somewhat increased level of control, but its not a true fix along the lines of say acceleration curve mapping like you would get with an automobile PCM tuner.

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I had another chance to ride the same Fold X 7 again, and I was able to modulate the throttle to produce different assist level (love that real-time watt meter on the LCD) with very sensitive and tiny adjustments.  With that, I concluded that the bike is taking the readout from the hall sensor but not mapping it properly.  If it is not possible to change the power curve from the controller side, maybe a different throttle could mitigate or solve this problem?  Hmm...

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You'll have to just go buy more of them and see what you see.  In particular consider the Bafang throttle for the Bafang motor... although you are still running it thru a KT controller.  I believe velomobileshop.com and their Chinese parts source Pasion Ebike  are both offering it, although the velomobileshop.com picture of their 'minimal thumb throttle' is still the small teardrop paddle, and not the large ambidextrous paddle made by Bafang and originally sold only to the BBSxx mid drive market.  I have a couple of them but never installed them... they're just backups.

Be advised that since Sondors started installing these throttles on the 7-speed bikes a number of people have broken them off.  If you install one, set it so the wide-open-throttle setting is pointed straight down, so if you hit a bump your finger slips off harmlessly rather than crunching thru the paddle.  Thats how I set up my mid drive throttles and I have never broken one.


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Yes, I have quite a few throttles in the parts bin, and I will experiment some when I find the time and motivation.  Thanks for sharing your experience on this topic.

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