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FOLD X - 7speed - weird flashing "03 info" msg on lcd

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need to know what "03   Info" means on my display i just jot my bike in December and already its giving me some weird code.... what does this mean - and how come you sonders is so lazy as to give out information on the LCD controller for my FOLD X. half of the codes and modes of the LCD are not described anywhere.


At the moment i'll just settle ok knowing what a flashing " 03 Info" on my display means. Everytime i use the assist throttle on my FOLD X - i get this message and customer support for sonders has been pretty cruddy... can anyone here help as to what might be causing the issue. there is also a slight noise form the motor that i do not recall hearing before (but perhaps its just me).

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First I'll assume you have the KT LCD3 and not the KD51C LCD display, since you didn't identify which you have?   Check the Motor / Controller plug under the right chainstay, Error Code 03 is a hall sensor wire failure. Error codes are different than controller settings.  Have you had the rear wheel off to fix a flat tire?  As far as motor noise, the three anomalies we've had reported are a squeak (bearing noise) and a kind of clunk, (dislodged motor magnet) and worn/stripped nylon planetary gears from applying power when the bike is in an immovable position. 



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 Yes Im not sure of the model like I said I just got my FOLD X in December. But I'm just using the stock lcd controller that  came with the bike.  I'll look at the original box for a model number later tonight on my FOLD X


The bike is in assist mode 2 so think the lcd is OK...

As for the cable it feels tight I can't even seem to budge it either way.... I tried to push the two connectiors together but based on how difficult it was I'm assuming it's fully seated In the other connector -, I pushed very hard..

I took a look at the other end of that cable at the point where it goes into the axle and removed the rubber boot to take some pictures.... Looks OK but I still have the same issue.

The last ride I took had a lot of rocks so perhaps something jarred loose, or perhaps the cable got caught on something when trying to get it out of thee car.. Not sure... Does anyone know if there is a service location near me Fullerton, CA 92835 that can take a look at what might be the issue??





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Your motor cable at the axle looks normal.  So does the motor cable connection, but as noted above, '03 info' is almost always an improperly seated motor connection.  If I had a buck for everyone who said they pushed really hard and then came back eventually and said they finally got it plugged in tighter and problem solved... I'd have my bar tab paid off :-)

Try this:  Disconnect the motor from the controller (your last pic... that connection).  Try removing the wire from its wire giudes as well to aid in gaining some leverage on it. Then

a) inspect the pins inside.  are they all OK?  None smashed down?  

b) glop on a little (not a lot) dielectric grease (found at any hardware store).  This will improve the connection slightly and make the re-connection a little smoother.  It will also improve the waterproofing of the connections and is a good idea to use on all of the HIGO connections everywhere (but just do it here for now since you are in there already anyway and you need this problem solved).  

c) make sure the pins are lined up and reconnect.  The removal of the wires from their guides will make it much easier to put some weight into the effort.

d) Ride it!

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To confirm.. the Lcd that I have apparently its SKU number is "SP302" I'm assuming  I need the 2015 or later manual but again  not sure who really makes the stock lcd controller that came with the bike.

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Thanks Matt and Reggie, I'll try to tighten up that connector with some electric conducting grease later tonight and report back..

If anyone has a later lcd controller manual than the one I have attached for  my SP302 controller (12/2017 FOLD X) please let me know.




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Steve, now that I see pictures I'd suggest it might be from water incursion and either at the chainstay plug (unplug and dry, inside with a hair dryer first for a few minutes) or actually inside the motor. Looks like there is still dampness / moisture at the spoke nipples on your rear wheel. This article will help with some tips. 


From your pictures I'd also suggest it's a good time to start lubricating your chain, especially considering the terrain you ride in, it looks pretty dry and chain wear and failure will lead to sprocket and chainring wear and premature replacment of all.

California is the epicenter for eBiking and you should be able to find quite a few bike shops willing to help you with maintiance, in or close to Fullerton. I don't have a personal recommendation from here on the lone prairie. ))

The KT LCD3 manual has not changed and I have not seen any newer version. 

Good Luck 



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OMG ! yes - ok so this is my first ebike and i wasnt sure of care.... but now that you mention  it was pretty dusty and iwanted to rinse it off - perhaps it has water somewhere.....  was careful not to get the electronics - but perhaps some spray got in somewhere..... crud... what do i do ?

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Follow Matts instructions and disconnect that plug, dry it out with a hair dryer, before reassembly. If you still get error code 03,  If you have a dehumidifier, put it and your bike in a small enclosure. You can buy a cheap $2 dollar plastic drop cloth at Home Depot and just cover both (I carry one in my panniers in case of rain). Doesn't have to be airtight just secure the edges here and there with books, flower pots or anything to hold the edges down on the floor. I have used this procedure to dry paint on fat bike frames in humid weather and produce Glue Chip Glass in my Art Glass Business. If you don't have a dehumidifier, you can try that hair dryer on low or a small electric space heater on low. You can use chairs to help support the drop cloth but please ....not too much heat and keep it away from the plastic. 

There should not be permenatly damage to your bike, it probably just needs to dry. ....drink two beers and check it in the morning. )) 

i hope this solves the problem.



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So the Connector looks good , nice and dry - none of the pins are bent. Likely the cause of the error is water, Im just not sure how to get it out of there other than the evaporation methods mentioned.

i have a harbor freight heat gun - should i use that on the motor case as well - dont want to break things or make matters worse?

Sorry someone mentioned a drain plug.... But I did not see any thing other than the battery on/off cover, is there a good way to drain any water that might be in the frame?

 I'm thinking of taking a part the bike and inspect controller for water.... but am also wondering if i should drill a few holes in the lowest portions of the frame, and tap  the holes (and have stainless hardware put there) this way if water ever got in the frame i can use the holes to drain and air out the frame.... is there any problem with doing this?

How should i wash my bike in the future  (i hate seeing it so dirty)?

Edited by steve77

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Hi Steve. I had strange sounds and error code 03 on my Thin a while back. I disconnected and reconnected the plug on the chain stay several times without success.

I eventually removed the rear wheel and disassembled the motor hub. Couldn't see anything obvious. I put more lithium grease in the plastic hub gears and re assembled. To my surprise it worked perfectly. I don't know what I did.

One thing it could be is a damaged wire in the cable near the hub, where the guard is. The cable could be damaged from a fall or even a bump up against a rock. Just the guard being there shows that there is a issue.

If one wire was broken (Hall sensor) then put in a different position during my reassemble, it could complete the circuit . So try bending the cable a little around the hub, and see if anything changes. Or get a multi meter and check the continuity of the wires in the cable from plug to motor.

Good Luck        Brian

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I had this problem. I disassembled my motor and found that I had fairly bad corrosion, probably from salt water intrusion. I rode close to or probably in salt water at Biloxi beach this summer. I lubed with WD-40 and  got the motor loose enough to  get it out of the case.  I cleaned the rotor really well with a drill mounted wire wheel and cleaned the case with steel wool. I greased the gears well with Lubriplate (white lithium grease) and blew the WD-40 out of the windings with compressed air. Reassembled the motor. At first, the throttle was erratic and the 03 code came back but the noise was gone. The motor would run just fine for pedal assist. I ran it on the stand by pedal for probably 15 minutes and the throttle started working again. I guess the WD cleaned the sensor enough to work after it dried out.  So far,so good.  The symptoms that Steve77 reported were the same----error code 03 and noise from motor.

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Hi David

Sounds like you have solved the problem. My Thin has worked fine since my earlier problems. I am now convinced my issue was just the connection. I think I wasn't pushing the motor connection together far enough. The arrows have to go together. This is the easiest thing to check if people get the noise and error code three.



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