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Gabe Van de Sande

ANSWERED Battery holds old charge, but does not charge now.

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Hi there, I hadn't used my sondors thin bike for about 3 months, and when I went back to charge it, the plug sparked when I put it in the battery, and will not charge. I bought a replacement charger, (not a sondors official charger but a charger with similar specs) but it will not recharge. The battery still holds charge from when I had charged it prior to the 3 months, but will not accumulate charge now. Any suggestions? Should I purchase a sondors official charger? Or is it a battery issue? Thanks!

Edit: After checking the fuse, its seems to be still intact. Any ideas?

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Sounds like you blew the battery fuse.  Look for the fuse port on the triangle battery, open it up and check it.

edit:  You can use other chargers so long as you pay attention to amperage and most especially cutoff voltage.  If your charger cuts off higher than its supposed to, worst case your battery could literally explode.


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Hello @Gabe Van de Sande And welcome to the Sondors Owners Forum. Glad you found us and enjoy your stay.

Have you followed the correct charging procedure for a Sondors Thin? Battery power switch to off. Unscrewing  the controller to battery  connector. , Plug the charge cable into the battery before lastly, pluging the power cord into the wall outlet. The Sondors charging light will be momentarily green, the turn to red to show it is charging. Should turn back to green when full charged at a max length of time of about 4 hours. If you plug your charger into the wall outlet before connecting it to the battery it won't charge. 

Other ideas?, yea. Check the output of both chargers with a multimeter to see if they are both bad (doubtful). Every eBike owner should have a multimeter. https://lunacycle.com/electricbike-multimeter-perfect-for-ebike/

Let me know if the correct charging procedure, solves the charging problem. 




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